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Iptv Basics, Technology, Operation and Services [Kindle Edition]

Posted By: AlenMiler
Iptv Basics, Technology, Operation and Services [Kindle Edition]

Iptv Basics, Technology, Operation and Services by Lawrence Harte
English | 11 Mar. 2017 | ASIN: B06XK3YRM8 | 409 Pages | AZW3 | 15.28 MB

This book explains why and how companies are using IPTV equipment and to provide television services over IP data networks. You will discover what IPTV is, why companies and people are converting systems and selecting IPTV services. The different types of IPTV systems including managed and unmanaged IPTV systems are explained. Discover why companies are choosing to use IPTV systems to deliver television services over traditional television broadcast system. You will learn how IPTV can allow users to access to a million TV programs virtually anywhere in the world. Discover how IPTV systems can offer new types of content including community created content, personal media channels and unique sponsored programming where content owners pay the IPTV operator to make their content available to viewers. IPTV video technology is explained including video compression (MPEG, VC-1) and how IP video transmission is different than broadcast video. IP audio technology is described including audio compression (MP3, AAC) and how IP audio is transmitted along with IP video. Find out how and why IPTV systems use MPEG. You will learn about the different types of MPEG compression (MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264/AVC) and how MPEG uses profiles to adapt the media to the many types of user devices that can display IPTV media. The functional parts of IPTV systems are described along with their operation and the key protocols that are used to manage IPTV networks. Learn about the different types of premises distribution networks (e.g. home networks) and how they are used to distributed IPTV signals within the home. Described are the different types of end user devices including IP set top boxes, IP televisions, mobile video telephones and portable media players. You will learn about media content rights and how IPTV systems use digital rights management to control access and protect content. Some of the most important topics featured are:
. The different types of IPTV systems
. How IP television systems work
. New services are possible through the use of IPTV
. IP Video compression, formats and transmission
. IP Audio compression, formats and transmission
. MPEG technology, options and profiles
. IPTV network components and protocols
. Distributing IPTV in the Home using Home Networks
. IPTV Viewing Devices
. DRM for IPTV

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