Machine Learning by David Longbow

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Machine Learning by David Longbow

Machine Learning: a Beginners Guide to the Fundamentals of Machine Learning by David Longbow
English | 2017 | ASIN: B075SLRG51 | 56 Pages | ePUB | 100 KB

Gain Insight and Understanding of Machine Learning Without Having to go Through Endless of Textbooks

So you want to understand what Machine Learning is all about? How it is shaping the future of Companies and have an overall understanding of the concept? What if you had a Machine Learning book for beginners that would take you through all the essentials to understand it’s basic methods and techniques? Imagine the amount of time you would save not having to go through all those plain textbooks.

Computer Science enthusiast, David Longbow, presents his well-constructed beginner's book to help people, completely new to the programming world, get a basic understanding of the concepts and methods used in Machine Learning.

Machine Learning by David Longbow