Python Bookcamp: Exercises and Projects

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Python Bookcamp: Exercises and Projects

Python Bookcamp: Exercises and Projects
By Vaskaran Sarcar
English | 2021 | ASIN : B08FTD48NF | 327 Pages | EPUB | 5 MB

Python Bookcamp: Exercises and Projects is a fast-paced beginner’s guide to the Python programming language. The best way of learning is by doing exercises and projects. Therefore, this book follows the boot camp approach to enable you to make interesting programs in no time.
The world is changing, and we keep extra features developing, but the core concepts are evergreen. We build all additional features on top of those. If you have a sound foundation, you can adopt the upcoming features and you understand the reason behind those changes. So, the book focuses on core topics in-depth, but it does not cover “A-Z” in Python at the same time. For example, it assumes that Python3 is installed on your computer. You can find these installation guides easily both online and offline.
The book has 12 chapters. The first chapter is a simple warm-up session for you. Here you’ll set up your programming environment. The second chapter talks about the Python basics. Here you learn about variables, operators, and comments. Each subsequent chapter contains exercises and hands-on projects for you. As you move on, these projects will be more complex. You implement these projects using the concepts that you learn in a previous chapter. At the beginning of a chapter, you get a description of the project(s). Once you finish reading these chapters, you get the complete solution.
The book covers both the common and the advanced data types along with the topic of loop and decision making. It also covers file handling, functions, and modules with exception handling mechanisms. The last chapters of this book cover the object-oriented programming basics. Here you see the usage of classes, objects, inheritance and learn about static and class methods. In the end, there is a chapter to show you how to write useful tests to verify your code.
In most cases, you’ll see the complete programs with output. It means you can continue reading the material without interruption. To write the very short programs, or to test the simple commands, I use a Python command shell. For the remaining cases, you see the usage of PyCharm Community Edition in a Windows10 environment.
Many of us are afraid of fat books. They do not promise that you can learn python in one day or in one week. But you must remember that learning is a continuous process. We can achieve no real mastery in a short period. So, the motto of the book is “To learn the core topics in Python, whatever efforts I need to put, I am OK with that”. I believe that if you have a strong focus, you can complete one chapter in a day with no trouble. So, the simple arithmetic says that you can complete the book in 12 days. But it is secondary! The book is designed the book in such a way that upon completion of the book, you will learn the core concepts in-depth and know how to learn further.
In short, you can pick the book if the answer is “yes” to the following questions:

•Are you looking for a fast-paced guide to Python programming?

•Do you like to see a python crash course?

•Are you looking for a python book for dummies or beginners, but do not worry about whether you learn Python in one day or one week?

•Are you looking for a hands-on, project-based guide?
•Do like to follow a boot camp approach to learn Python 3?

•Are you ok to learn Python the hard way if necessary?
•Do you like to review your knowledge before you use Python in advanced fields such as data science, machine learning?

•“I am ok with Windows OS, and PyCharm.”-is this statement true for you?”
In short, Python Bookcamp will help you writing real programs fast.