Bandalism: The Rock Group Survival Guide

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Bandalism: The Rock Group Survival Guide

Julian Ridgway, "Bandalism: The Rock Group Survival Guide"
Harper Paperbacks | 2008-11-01 | ISBN: 0061645591 | 256 pages | PDF | 2,1 MB

Bandalism [ban-dəl-i-zəm] n .: the willful or malicious destruction of, or damage to, the fabric of a rock/pop/indie group brought about by one or more of its members
Axl Rose's monumental meltdowns . . . Kurt Cobain's tragic band-slaying suicide: The long history of platinum-selling überband implosions is more dramatic than a Russian novel. But even local cover bands can suffer the ill effects of the limelight.
Multi-rock-band veteran Julian Ridgway's Bandalism is a can't-miss guide to rock 'n' roll survival, offering sage advice on how to avoid the pitfalls that can doom your group. Here's how to:
Find nonpsycho band members
Craft the perfect band image
Choose a name that doesn't suck
And much more, including the handy Healthy Band Checklist, an ideal MySpace profile generator, and the Second Album Venn Diagram.

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