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Bass Guitar Syllabus. Learn To Play From Zero To Superhero.

Posted By: ELK1nG
Bass Guitar Syllabus. Learn To Play From Zero To Superhero.

Bass Guitar Syllabus. Learn To Play From Zero To Superhero.
Published 8/2022
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 2.58 GB | Duration: 2h 46m

For the modern electric bass guitar player. 36 Lessons, 2 hours and 40 min. Beginner to intermediate level.

What you'll learn
Learning how to play the bass guitar from scratch
Going through step by step instructions to ensure good technique
Playing simple notes to understand what exactly you are doing
Play-along tracks to help understand playing with a rock band
All scales, arpeggios, intervals, left and right hand tecnique
From beginner to Intermediate step by step easy comprehensible in 36 lessons
a Four string bass guitar and a practise bass guitar amplifier
A Guide to scales, arpeggios, intervals, rhythm patterns, left and right hand technique, applicable music theory, 120 play along full band audio tracks integrated with the 36 video lessons. The aim is to teach the student to be able to play the bass guitar from a beginner up to intermediate level. This is a step by step course to help build technique as well as to improve musicality and feel to music. The play along audio tracks would surely be a helpful aid when it comes to experiencing an Ensemble/band setup… the ultimate challenge…As I explain fundamental concepts I urge the learner to focus on what is being learned (given) at the time and not just what the next step would be for them. This is the reason why this course is unique and substantial as opposed to learning from a Youtube teacher or an inexperienced tutor "around the corner". This course is based on a repetitive yet full comprehensive way of tutoring and therefore it already has great success with my current students when applying these methods. Because there are much more to learn from many other trusted sources I strongly believe that this course is one of a kind and a marvelous building block for any learner who would not only be more curious about the instrument but would also be satisfied with the tuition I provide. A true firestarter.This Bass Guitar Syllabus tutorial was sold as a book, cd and dvd format from 2010 up to 2021 and has made it's mark around South Africa and was available in most music shops and some main outlets. I decided to take this tutorial to the next step and see where my passion for music takes me and therefore combined the video, audio and visuals into one product.The Bass Guitar Syllabus


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction and Tuning strings

Lecture 2 Chromatic scale notes on strings

Lecture 3 Finger names

Lecture 4 Different Tuning methods

Lecture 5 Finger Positions

Lecture 6 Combining Left and Right hands

Lecture 7 The Metronome

Lecture 8 Left and Right hand exercises

Lecture 9 Pick Technique

Lecture 10 Note Values and Rests within a bar

Lecture 11 Tablature (Tabs)

Lecture 12 Intervals explained

Section 2: Intervals, key signatures and Play along with a band (Blues and Rock)

Lecture 13 Root note Rock

Lecture 14 Quarter note Rock

Lecture 15 Key signatures

Lecture 16 Practising Eighth notes

Lecture 17 The 12 Bar Blues

Lecture 18 Root and Fifth Interval Exercises

Lecture 19 Root and Fifth Rock play-along

Lecture 20 Octave Rock Play along

Lecture 21 Root and Third Intervals

Lecture 22 Root and Third intervals Play along

Lecture 23 The Minor 7th Interval & Play-along

Section 3: Scales and Arpeggios and Play along

Lecture 24 Slash Chords

Lecture 25 Time Signatures

Lecture 26 Major Scales

Lecture 27 Minor Scales

Lecture 28 Major Pentatonic Scales

Lecture 29 Minor Pentatonic Scales

Lecture 30 Blues Scales

Lecture 31 Applying Scales

Lecture 32 Major Arpeggios

Lecture 33 Minor Arpeggios

Lecture 34 Dominant 7th Arpeggios

Lecture 35 Rocking Arpeggios Play-along

Lecture 36 Left hand technique

Male or female aspiring learner from age 19 to age 45