Becoming Heroines: Unleashing Our Power for Revolution and Rebirth

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Becoming Heroines: Unleashing Our Power for Revolution and Rebirth

Becoming Heroines: Unleashing Our Power for Revolution and Rebirth by Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin
English | July 20th, 2021 | ISBN: 0593087674 | 288 pages | True EPUB | 3.31 MB

"A profound roadmap for how whole systems of oppression can die if we choose to do the work."—LaTosha Brown, cofounder of Black Voters Matter

“An inspiring, empowering clarion call and guide to become the heroines we were meant to be.”—Debra Messing, actor and activist

Within every woman lies a powerful healer. She is an ageless and resilient force for good, in her own life and in the broader world.

This is how you find her.

You were born with massive reservoirs of strength, confidence, and creativity. But oppressive structures that keep you “in your place” have disconnected you from your natural gifts. The decision to recover and reclaim your latent ability follows a path forged by myth and legend: the heroine’s journey. Becoming Heroines is your guide to inner rebirth, opening the closed doors in your heart, shining a light on dark places, and ultimately, unleashing your full power.

For decades, Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin has been the go-to mentor for women who’ve wasted years playing by traditional rules and are ready to break away. Now she’ll lead you on a journey of radical personal transformation, starting by healing the painful memories that hold you back from living to your fullest capacity. You’ll ditch the individualist values that pit women against one another and confront any internalized bias contributing to systems of oppression. And joining with the growing revolution, you’ll lend your voice to those repairing the wounds of history and building a future of freedom and justice for all.

More than your average leadership manual, Becoming Heroines is an invitation to claim your rightful role as the heroine of your own journey. For any woman ready to live out her values more radically, rise from the ashes of trauma and grief, and lead us all to a better world, the journey begins.

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