Build the Ultimate Gaming Machine

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Build the Ultimate Gaming Machine

K.R. Bourgoine, Matthew J. Malm, "Build the Ultimate Gaming Machine"
Wiley | 2005-10-21 | ISBN: 0471755478 | 347 pages | PDF | 9,9 MB

Make one fantasy come true
Leave those mythical monsters alone for a minute and think about this. What if you had a really kickass PC that would let you totally experience the game? What if it included every feature you've dreamed of-a motherboard designed exclusively for gaming, top-notch video and sound cards, the fastest processor? What if another gamer could teach you to build it yourself, without spending a Jedi's ransom? What if you buy this book, turn to page 1, and get started!
Expert instructions for
* Planning your PC
* Setting your budget
* Deciding where to shop for parts
* Choosing a processor, memory, motherboard, sound and video cards, and the rest
* Selecting speakers, a monitor, and a case
* Assembling the PC
* Installing the OS and software
* Hooking up to a game network

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