Car Survival Kit

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Car Survival Kit

Car Survival Kit: The Definitive Beginner's Guide On How To Build The Ultimate Emergency Preparedness Kit For Your Vehicle by Ronald Williams
English | April 12, 2017 | ISBN: 1521058350 | 32 pages | EPUB | 0.13 Mb

We spend lots of time in our cars each day. We commute to work, take our kids to school, run to the grocery store, go to the doctor’s office, drive on vacations, and so on. Have you ever ask yourself what you will do if an emergency happens while you’re in your car? If you think about it, there are a variety of different events that could happen, including: - Your vehicle breaks down and strands you in a remote location - You have a collision with another vehicle - An actual disaster strikes while you’re in your vehicle (natural disaster, EMP attack, societal breakdown, etc.) For any of these events and others like them, it would always be handy and potentially even lifesaving to have a survival kit in your car for you to access. But you don’t just want any survival kit. Buying one of those five dollar plastic water bottles that comes pre-packed with cheap and basic survival items will not be entirely sufficient (although granted, it is better than nothing). Rather, you need a complete survival kit where assemble each of the contents safely. This kit needs to be in your vehicle AT ALL TIMES. I completely understand if putting together a car survival kit can seem like a daunting task, but you can still look at it like a fun or interesting project. Besides, preparing for your survival and your family’s survival will always be worth your time, and a car survival kit is bound to play a critical role in any emergency, survival, or disaster situation you find yourself in. This book is going to be a very straightforward guide on how to put together an emergency survival kit for your vehicle. The specific categories of survival items that we are going to go over include the following:
• Backpack
• Communications
• Food and Water
• Fire Starters
• First Aid and Medical Equipment
• Personal Hygiene and Sanitation
• Random Items
• Repair Kit
• Shelter Items
• Tools Now something I want to say before I proceed is that this is going to be a very simple reference guide on just the survival items that you need to strongly consider including in your vehicle. This book is not going to go over how to bug out in your car, how to survive in your car should you become stranded, or what you need to do in the event of an emergency. Rather, this book is just on the items that your car needs to have in it. The good news is that if that’s all you’re looking for right now, then this book will be absolutely perfect for you.

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