Cartoon Smart - Photoshop - Advanced Brush & Texture Techniques [repost]

Posted By: Alexpal
Cartoon Smart - Photoshop - Advanced Brush & Texture Techniques [repost]

Cartoon Smart - Photoshop - Advanced Brush & Texture Techniques
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Like most CartoonSmart visitors you probably think of yourself as at least an intermediate Photoshop user, because at a basic level it is a very intuitive program and easy to teach yourself. But a bad habit that many self-taught users fall into is relying too much on Filters when they need to do something visually complex (and that includes yours truly, the author of this course summary) So this course dives right into plenty of advanced techniques you probably haven't ever seen used.

If you've never used Photoshop before, don't let the "advanced" part of the title scare you off. And if you do have some familiarity with Photoshop (even intermediate), that's even better because you'll probably be surprised how many things you've overlooked in the program.
Part 1: Introduction - And a large folder of source files / brushes used throughout the course
Part 2: Brush Techniques - Used in creating a rocky, grass scene
Part 3: More Brush Techniques - Used in a realistic wall/window project
Part 4: Surface Texture and Layer Effects - Used for plaster type effects or overhead landscapes
Part 5: Using the Pen Tool for Paths - To create things like realistic wires or curving text
Part 6: Seamless Tiling - For gaming surfaces or webpage backgrounds
This course is taught by Humberto Abreu, a professional video game texture artist and illustrator.