Chinese Language Elementary C

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Chinese Language Elementary C

Chinese Language Elementary C
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Chinese language Mandarin level 1

What you'll learn
Strokes of Chinese character
Elementary dialogue
Elementary grammar
Get the point of Chinese character's etymology
The redical of Chinese charater
Chinese Word Formation
can read Chinese-Pinyin
can spell syllable of Chinese language
1. Understand the writing strokes, stroke order, shape and meaning of Chinese characters.

2. Before entering the formal course, we will explain the Chinese stroke names and writing methods in the course, so that students can easily master the writing methods of Chinese characters in the process of learning Chinese characters.

3. Each Chinese character has its own origin and method of character formation. Our course will explain every detail clearly in the course, so that learners can better grasp and remember the corresponding knowledge points.

4. Learning should follow professional teachers, sort out knowledge systematically and scientifically, and learn step by step, which can not be accomplished overnight.

5. Chinese vocabulary has its mystery, and our course is the process of exploring the mystery, which is interesting, fun and can improve learners'interest in learning.

6. Every knowledge point is a dynamic demonstration, with high-definition lovely cartoon pictures, which summarizes our learning content in an orderly way.

7. Each small knowledge point has a detailed explanation and summary as well as supporting exercises, students only need to carefully follow the teacher lesson by lesson, do a good job of notes and review.

8. Vocabulary is the foundation of a language, and grammar is the main structure of a language. To truly master a language, it is necessary to enter the rules of the language and understand its structural rules, ways and methods. Our course takes grammar learning as the second key learning object, deliberating and pondering, so that grammar, a rigid thing, becomes vivid and interesting.

9. The study of the text is a test of the learner, the understanding of vocabulary, the use of grammar and the expression of appropriate meaning, and so on. Our course has some lovely cartoon characters to take us into their world, making the boring things powerful and fun, making our learning more interesting, and improving our learning efficiency and interest.

10. If you want to learn Chinese systematically and professionally, improve your ability in listening, speaking, reading and writing, and have the desire to pass the HSK exam, please choose our course.

11. May we work together for our bright future!

12.Welcom to Chinese world with me!!!

Who this course is for
be interested in Chinese language
be going to take the text of HSK