Cinema Ebooks collection - 570 Ebooks (Repost)

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Cinema Ebooks collection - 570 Ebooks (Repost)

Cinema Ebooks collection - 570 Ebooks
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Genre: Film, Cinema Related

Ab Mark Normes - Japanese Documentary Film ~ The Meiji Era Through Hiroshima.pdf
Ab Mark Nornes - Forest of Pressure ~ Ogawa Shinsuke and Postwar Japanese Documentary.pdf
Alan Jones - Horror Movies [Rough Guides].pdf
Alastair Phillips - City of Darkness, City of Light ~ ?migr? Filmmakers in Paris 1929-1939.pdf
Alastair Phillips and Julian Stringer - Japanese Cinema ~ Texts and Contexts.pdf
Alberto Elena - The Cinema of Abbas Kiarostami.PDF
Alexandra Juhasz and Jesse Lerner (eds) - F is for Phony ~ Fake Documentary and Truth's Undoing.pdf
Alison Butler - Womens Cinema ~ The Contested Screen.pdf
Allan Casebier - Film and Phenomenology ~ Toward a Realist Theory of Cinematic Representation.pdf
Amos Vogel - Film as a Subversive Art.pdf
Amy Lawrence - Echo and Narcissus ~ Women's Voices in Classical Hollywood Cinema.pdf
Amy Villerego - Film Studies the Basics.pdf
Anat Zanger - Film Remakes as Ritual and Disguise ~ From Carmen to Ripley.pdf
Andras Balint Kovacs - Screening Modernism ~ European Art Cinema, 1950-1980.pdf
Andre Bazin - What is Cinema Vol. 1.pdf
Andre Bazin - What is Cinema Vol. 2.pdf
Andrei Tarkovsky - Sculpting In Time ~ The Great Russian Filmmaker Discusses His Art.pdf
Andrew Horton and Stuart Y.McDougal (eds) - Play It Again, Sam ~ Retakes on Remakes.pdf
Andrew M. Butler - Film Studies [Pocket Essentials].pdf
Andrew Robinson - Satyajit Ray ~ The Inner Eye ~ The Biography of a Master Film-maker.pdf
Andre Bazin - Jean Renoir.pdf
Andre Bazin - On Marker.pdf
Andre Bazin - on Post-Neorealistic Rossellini, De Sica and Visconti ~ Three Original Reviews.pdf
Andre Bazin - Three Forgotten French Filmmakers ~ Andr? Cayatte, Georges Rouquier and Roger Leenhardt.pdf
Andre Breton - Manifesto of Surrealism [1924].pdf
Aner Preminger - The Human Comedy of Antoine Doinel ~ From Honor? de Balzac to Fran?ois Truffaut [The European Legacy, Vol. 9, No 2, 2004].pdf
Angela Dalle Vacche - Diva ~Defiance and Passion in Early Italian Cinema.pdf
Angela Dalle Vache - Cinema and Painting ~ How Art is Used in Film.pdf
Anna Hickey-Moody and Peta Malins - Deleuzian Encounters ~ Studies in Contemporary Social Issues.pdf
Anthony Slide - Inside the Hollywood Fan Magazine ~ A History of Star Makers, Fabricators and Gossip Mongers.pdf
Anton Kaes - Shell Shock Cinema ~ Weimar Culture and the Wounds of War.pdf
Arthur Lyon - Death on the Cheap ~ The Lost B Movies of Film Noir.pdf
Asbj?rn Gr?nstad - Trans-Figurations ~ Violence, Death, and Masculinity in American Cinema.pdf
Asha Kasbekar - Pop Culture India!.pdf
Barbie Zelizer - About to Die ~ How News Images Move the Public.pdf
Barry Keith Grant (ed.) - Film Genre Reader III.pdf
Barry Keith Grant (ed.) - Five Films by Frederick Wiseman.pdf
Barry Keith Grant (ed.) - John Ford's Stagecoach [Cambridge Film Handbooks].pdf
Barry Keith Grant - Film Genre ~ From Iconography to Ideology.pdf
Barry Langford - Film Genre ~ Hollywood and Beyond.pdf
Barth?lemy Amengual - Georg Wilhelm Pabst [Cine¦ma d'aujourd'hui 37].pdf
Barton Byg - Landscapes of Resistance ~ The German Films of Dani?le Huillet and Jean-Marie Straub.pdf
Bazin Andre - What Is Cinema Volume 1.pdf
Bazin Andre - What Is Cinema Volume 2.pdf
Bellows, McDougall & Berg (eds) - Science is Fiction ~ the Films of Jean Painleve.pdf
Benyahia, Gaffney & White - AS Film Studies ~ The Essential Introduction.pdf
Bernard Eisenschitz (ed.) - Chris Marker ~ Alexandre Ivanovitch Medvedkine.pdf
Bernd Herzogenrath - The Films of Edgar G. Ulmer.pdf
Bert Cardullo - In Search of Cinema ~ Writings on International Film Art.pdf
Bert Cardullo - Soundings on Cinema ~ Speaking to Film and Film Artists.pdf
Birgit Beumers - Nikita Mikhalkov ~ Between Nostalgia and Nationalism.pdf
Blain Brown - Cinematography Theory and Practice ~ Image Making for Cinematographers, Directors and Videographers.pdf
Brett Farmer - Spectacular Passions ~ Cinema, Fantasy, Gay Male Spectatorships.pdf
Brian Henderson and Ann Martin (eds) - Film Quarterly ~ Forty Years - A Selection.pdf
Brian Neve - Elia Kazan ~ The Cinema of an American Outsider.pdf
Brian Ruh - Stray Dog of Anime ~ The Films of Mamoru Oshii.pdf
Brigid Cherry - Horror [Routledge Film Guidebooks].pdf
Bruce G. Hallenbeck - Comedy-Horror Films ~ A Chonological History, 1914-2008.pdf
Calum Waddell - Jack Hill ~ The Explotation and Blaxploitation Master, Film By Flm.pdf
Camille Paglia - The Birds [BFI Film Classics].pdf
Carlo Celli and Marga Cottino-Jones - A New Guide to Italian Cinema.pdf
Carlo Celli and Marga Cottino-Jones - A New Guide to Italian Cinema.pdf
Caroline Joan S. Pacart - Remaking the Frankenstein Myth on Film ~ Between Laughter and Horror.pdf
Carolyn Jess-Cooke - Film Sequels.pdf
Carolyn Jess-Cooke and Constantine Verevis (eds) - Second Takes ~ Critical Approaches to the Film Sequel.pdf
Cartmell, Hunter, Kaye & Whelehan (eds) - Classics in Film and Fiction.pdf
Caryl Flinn - The New German Cinema ~ Music, History and the Matter of Style.pdf
Charles Derry - Dark Dreams 2.0 ~ A Psychological History of the Modern Horror Film from the 1950s to the 21st Century.pdf
Charles F. Altman - Psychoanalysis and Cinema ~ The Imaginary Discourse .pdf
Charles Musser - The Emergence of Cinema ~ The American Screen until 1907.djvu
Charlotte Chandler - It's Only a Movie ~ Alred Hitctcock - A Personal Biography.pdf
Chris D - Outlaw Masters of Japanese Film.pdf
Chris Glau (ed.) - Philosophy & The Matrix.pdf
Chris Marker - A Free Replay (Notes on Vertigo).pdf
Chris Marker - Commentaires.pdf
Chris Wiegand - French New Wave [Pocket Essentials].pdf
Christian Rogowski (ed.) - The Many Faces of Weimar Cinema ~ Rediscovering Germany's Filmic Legacy.pdf
Christopher Andersen - Barbara ~ The Way She Is.pdf
Christopher Bolton, Istvan Csicsery-Ronay Jr. and Takayuki Tatsumi (eds) - Robot Ghosts and Wired Dreams ~ Japanese Science Fiction from Origins to Anime.pdf
Christopher Pinney - Hindi Cinema and Half-Forgotten Dialects ~ An Interview with Ashis Nandy.pdf
Chuck Berg & Tom Erskine - The Encyclopedia of Orson Welles .pdf
Chuck Tyron - Reinventing Cinema ~ Movies in the Age of Media Convergence.pdf
Colette Balmain - Introduction to Japanese Horror Film.pdf
Cynthia Chris - Watching Wildlife.pdf
Damion Sutton - Photography, Cinema, Memory ~ The Crystal Image of Time.pdf
Dan Flory - Philosophy, Black_Film, Film Noir.pdf
Dani Cavallero - Cinema of Mamoru Oshii ~ Fantasy, Technology and Politics.pdf
Daniel Barnett - Movement as Meaning in Experimental Film.pdf
David Bordwell - A Case for Cognitivism [Iris No. 9].pdf
David Bordwell - A Case for Cognitivism ~ Further Relections [Iris No. 11].pdf
David Bordwell - Happily Ever After, Part Two [Velvet Light Trap No. 19].pdf
David Bordwell - La Nouvelle Mission de Feuillade; or, What Was Mise-en-Scene [Velvet Light Trap No. 37].pdf
David Bordwell - The Way Hollywood Tells It ~ Story and Stlye in Modern Movies.pdf
David Bordwell - Widescreen Aesthetics and Mise en Scene Criticism [Velvet Light Trap No. 21].pdf
David Bordwell & Kristen Thompson - Film Art ~ An Introduction (Eighth ed.).pdf
David Bordwell & Kristen Thompson - Film Art ~ An Introduction (Sixth ed.).pdf
David Bordwell & Kristin Thompson - Film History An Introduction (Second ed.).pdf
David Bordwell - ApProppriations and ImProppieties ~ Problems in the Morpholgy of Film Narrative [Cinema Journal 27, No. 3].pdf
David Bordwell - Book Review [Wide Angle Vol. 3, No. 4].pdf
David Bordwell - Film Interpretation Revisited [Film Criticism Vol. 17, No. 2-3].pdf
David Bordwell - Historical Poetics of Cinema.pdf
David Bordwell - Jump Cuts and Blind Spots [Wide Angle Vol. 6, No. 1].pdf
David Bordwell - Making Meaning ~ Inference and Rhetoric in the Interpretation of Cinema.pdf
David Bordwell - Mimetic Theories Of Narration [Extract from Narration in the Feature Film].pdf
David Bordwell - Narration in the Fiction Film.pdf
David Bordwell - Ozu and the Poetics of Cinema.pdf
David Bordwell - The Films of Carl-Theodore Dreyer.pdf
David Bordwell and Kristin Thompson - From Sennett to Stevens ~ An Interview with William Hornbeck [Velvet Light Trap No. 20].pdf
David Bordwell and Kristin Thompson - Jacques Ledoux ~ 1921-88 [Cinema Journal Vol. 28, No. 3].pdf
David Bordwell and Kristin Thompson - Toward a Scientific Film History [Quarterly Review of Film Studies Vol. 10, No.3].pdf
David Bordwell Blows the Whistle on Film Studies [Lingua franca Vol. 10. No2].pdf
David Brubaker - Andre Bazin on Automatically Made Images [The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 51-1 Winter 1993].pdf
David Desser (ed.) - Ozu's Tokyo Story [Cambridge Film Handbooks].pdf
David Gillespie - Early Soviet Cinema ~ Innovation, Ideology and Propaganda.pdf
David J. Leonard - Screens Fade to Black ~ Contemporary African American Cinema.pdf
David Laderman - Driving Visions ~ Exploring the Road Movie.pdf
David Scroggy (ed.) - Blade Runner Sketchbook.pdf
David Sterritt - The Films of Jean Luc Godard ~ Seeing the Invisible.pdf
David Welch - Propaganda and the German Cinema 1933-1945.pdf
Denis Meikle - A History of Horrors ~ The Rise and fall of the House of Hammer.pdf
Derek Bose - Brand Hollywood ~ A New Global Entertainment Order.pdf
Derek Kompere - CSI.pdf
Diana Holmes & Alison Smith (eds) - 100 Years of European Cinema ~ Entertainment or Ideology.pdf
Donald Ritchie - A Hundred Years of Japanese Cinema (rev. ed.).pdf
Donald Ritchie - Japanese Cinema ~ Film Style And National Character.pdf
Douglas Kellner - Cinema Wars - Hollywood Film and Politics in the Bush-Cheney Era.pdf
Dudley Andrew - Film in the Aura of Art.pdf
Dudley Andrew - What Cinema Is!.pdf
Eadweard Muybridge - The Human Figure In Motion.pdf
Edward Buscombe - The Searchers [BFI Film Classics].pdf
Elizabeth Ezra and Jane Sillars (eds) - Haneke's Cache Dossier [Screen].pdf
Emiliano Perra - Conflicts of Memory ~ The Reception of Holocaust Films and TV Programmes in Italy, 1945 to the Present.pdf
Emilie Yueh-Yu Yeh & Darrell William Davis - A Treasure Island ~ Taiwan Film Directors.pdf
Eric Smoodin and Ann Martin (eds) - Hollywood Quarterly ~ Film Culture in Postwar America, 1945-1957.pdf
Ernest Mathijis and Murray Pomerance (eds) - From Hobbits to Hollywood ~ Essays on Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings.pdf
Ernesto R. Acevedo-Munoz - Bunuel and Mexico ~ The Crisis of National Cinema.pdf
Ernst Bloch et al - Aesthetics and Politics.pdf
Ewa Mazierska & Laura Rascaroli - From Moscow To Madrid ~ Postmodern Cities, European Cinema.pdf
Fabio Vighi - Traumatic Encounters in Italian Film ~ Locating the Cinematic Unconscious.pdf
Felicity Collins & Therese Davis - Australian Cinema After Mabo.pdf
Fidelma Farley - Ireland Into Film ~ This Other Eden.pdf
Film Comment Magazine Jan-Feb 1975.pdf
Frances Gateward (ed.) - Seoul Searching ~ Culture and Identity in Contemporary Korean Cinema.pdf
Frances Guerin - A Culture of Light ~ Cinema and Technology in 1920s Germany.pdf
Francesco Casetti - Inside the Gaze ~ The Fiction Film and Its Spectator.pdf
Francois Truffaut - Hitchcock ~ the Definitive Study (Rev. Ed.).pdf
Francois Truffaut - The Films In My Life.pdf
Freek L. Bakker - The Challenge of the Silver Screen ~ An Analysis of the Cinematic Portraits of Jesus, Rma, Buddha and Muhammad.pdf
Gale - VideoHound's Golden Movie Retriever.pdf
Gary A. Smith - The American International Pictures Video Guide.pdf
Gary Indiana - Salκ [BFI Film Classics].pdf
Gary R. Edgerton and Peter C. Rollins (eds) - Television Histories ~ Shaping Collective Memory in the Media Age.pdf
Gen Doy - Picturing the Self Changing Views of the Subject in Visual Culture.pdf
Gene Adair - Alfred Hitchcock ~ Filming Our Fears.pdf
Gene Youngblood - Expanded Cinema.pdf
Generation Multiplex - The Image of Youth in Contemporary American Cinema.pdf
Geoff Andre - 10 [BFI Modern Classics].pdf
Geoff Mayer and Brian McDonnell (eds) - Encyclopedia of Film Noir.pdf
Geoff Mayer and Brian McDonnell - Encyclopedia of Film Noir.pdf
Geoffrey Macnab - Ingmar Bergman ~ The Life and Films of the Last Great European Director.pdf
Geoffrey Nowell-Smith (ed.) - The Oxford History Of World Cinema.pdf
Gerald Duchovnay (ed.) - Film Voices ~ Interviews from Post Script.pdf
Gerald Horne - The Finak Victim of the Blacklist ~ John Howard Lawson, Dean of the Hollywood Ten.pdf
Gerald Mast, Marshall Cohen & Leo Braudy - Film Theory and Criticism ~ Introductory Readings (Fourth ed.).pdf
Gerben Bakker - Entertainment Industrialised ~ The Emergence of the International Film Industry, 1890-1940.pdf
Gilberto Perez - The Material Ghost ~ Films and Their Medium.pdf
Gilles Deleuze - Cinema 1 ~The Movement-Image.pdf
Gilles Deleuze - Cinema 2 ~ The Time-Image.pdf
Gina Marchetti and Tan See Kam - No Film is an Island ~ Hong Kong Film, Hollywood and New Global Cinema.pdf
Glenn Kay - Zombie Movies ~ The Ultimate Guide.pdf
Gordon Gray - Cinema ~ A Visual Anthropology.pdf
Gorham Kindem (ed.) - The International Movie Industry.pdf
Graham Roberts and Heather Wallis - Key Film Texts.pdf
Grant Hayter-Menzies - Mrs. Ziegfeld ~ The Public and Private Lives of Billie Burke.pdf
Grant Tavinor - The Art of Videogames.pdf
Greg Olson - David Lynch ~ Beautiful Dark.pdf
Gregory Flaxman (ed.) - The Brain is the Screen ~ Deleuze and the Philosphy of Cinema.pdf
Gregory William Mank - Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff ~ The Expanded Story of a Haunting Collaboration.pdf
Griselda Pollock & Victoria Anderson (eds) - Bluebeard's Legacy ~ Death and Secrets from Bartok to Hitchcock.pdf
Gwynne Edwards - A Companion to Luis Bunuel.pdf
Hamid Dabashi - Conversations With Mohsen Makhmalbaf.pdf
Hamid Dabashi - Makhmalbaf at Large ~ The Making of a Rebel Fimmaker.pdf
Hamid Dabashi - Masters & Masterpieces of Iranian Cinema.pdf
Hamid Reza Sadr - Iranian Cinema ~ A Political History.pdf
Hans-Bernhard Moeller and Georges Lellis - Volker Schlondorff's Cinema.pdf
Harriet Margolis (ed.) - Jane Campion's The Piano [Cambridge Film Handbooks].pdf
Hollis Frampton - Circle of Confusion ~ Film - Photography - Video Texts 1968 - 1980.pdf
Howard Hughes - Aim for the Heart ~The Films of Clint Eastwood.pdf
Howard Hughes - Crime Wave ~ The Filmgoers' Guide to Great Crime Movies.pdf
Howard Hughes - Once Upon a Time in the Italian West ~ The Filmgoers' Guide to Spaghetti Westerns.pdf
Howard Hughes - Stagecoach to Tombstone ~ The Filmgoers' Guide to the Great Westerns.pdf
Hugo Frey - Luis Malle.pdf
Hye Seung Chung - Hollywood Asian ~ Philip Ahn and the Politics of Cross-Ethnic Performance.pdf
Ian Aitken - European Film Theory and Cinema ~ A Critical Introduction.pdf
Ian Buchanan and Patricia MacCormack (eds) - Deleuze and the Schizoanalysis of Cinema.pdf
Ian Christie & Richard Taylor (eds) - Eisenstein Rediscovered.pdf
Ian Conrich (ed.) - Horror Zone ~ The Cultural Experience of Contemporary Horror Cinema.pdf
Ian Conrich and Stuart Murray - Contemporary New Zealand Cinema ~ From New Wave to Blockbuster.pdf
Ian Mackilop & Neil Sinyard (eds) - British Cinema of the 1950s ~ A Celebration .pdf
Ian Scott - From Pinewood to Hollywood ~ British Filmmakers in American Cinema, 1910-1969.pdf
Ingmar Bergman - The Magic Lantern ~ An Autobigraphy.pdf
J. E. Smyth - Reconstructing American Historical Cinema ~ From Cimarron to Citizen Kane.pdf
J. Randy Taraborrelli - The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe.pdf
J.P. Telotte - Science Fiction Film [Genres in American Cinema].pdf
Jack Shadoian - Dreams and Dead Ends ~ The American Gangster Film .pdf
James Broughton - Seeing the Light.pdf
James Chapman - Past and Present - National Identity and the British Historical Film.pdf
James Day - The Vanishing Vision ~ The Inside Story of Popular Television.pdf
James M. Welsh and Peter Lev (eds) - The Literature-Film Reader ~ Issues of Adaptation.pdf
James Monaco - How to Read a Film (3rd ed.).pdf
James Palmer & Michael Riley - The Films of Joseph Losey [Cambridge Film Classics].pdf
James Roy MacBean - A Conversation With Jean Luc Godard [Film Quarterly].pdf
James Wierzbicki - Film Music ~ A History.pdf
Jane Frank - A Biographical Dictionary ~ Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists of the Twentieth Century .pdf
Jane Shattuc - Television Tabloids and Tears ~ Fassbinder and Popular Culture.pdf
Jane Stadler with Kelly McWilliam - Screen Media ~ Analysing Film and Television.pdf
Javed Mohammed - Muslim Cinema ~ An Introduction, Plus the Top 101 Muslim Theme Films.pdf
Jay McRoy - Nightmare Japan ~ Contemporary Japanese Horror Cinema.pdf
Jean-Louis Leutrat - Last Year at Marienbad [BFI Film Classics].pdf
Jean-Luc Nancy - Abbas Kiarostomi ~ The Evidence of Film.pdf
Jeffrey Richards and Anthony Aldgate - Best of British ~ Cinema and Society from 1930 to Present.pdf
Jennifer Cooke - Legacies of Plague in Literature, Theory and Film.pdf
Jeremy Hicks - Dziga Vertov ~ Defining Documentary Film.pdf
Jerold J. Abrams (ed) - Philosophy of Stanley Kubrick.pdf
Jerry Roberts - Encyclopedia of Television Film Directors.pdf
Jerry Roberts - The Complete History of American Film Criticism.pdf
Jesse Fox Mayshark - Post-Pop Cinema ~ The Search for Meaning in New American Film.pdf
Jesse Kalin - The Films of Ingmar Bergman [Cambridge Film Classics].pdf
Jigna Desai - Beyond Bollywood ~ The Cultural Politics of South Asian Diasporic Film.pdf
Jim Craddock (ed.) - VideoHound's Golden Movie Retriever 2009.pdf
Joan Hawkins - Art-Horror and the Horrific Avant-garde.pdf
Joan Ramon Resina - Burning Darkness ~ A Half Cetury of Spanish Cinema.pdf
Joe McElhaney - The Death of Classical Cinema ~ Hitchcock, Lang, Minnelli.pdf
John Alton - Painting with Light.pdf
John Berra (ed.) - Directory of World Cinema ~ Japan.pdf
John E. Davidson - Deterritorializing the New German Cinema.pdf
John Fawell - The Hidden Art of Hollywood ~ In Defense of the Studio Era Film.pdf
John H. Foote - Clint Eastwood ~ Evolution of a Filmmaker.pdf
John Hart - The Art of the Storyboard ~ A Filmmaker's Introduction.pdf
John Marks - Gilles Deleuze ~ Vitalism and Multiplicity.pdf
John Russo - The Complete Night of the Living Dead Filmbook.pdf
Jonathan Auerback - Body Shots ~ Early Cinema's Incarnations.pdf
Jonathan Bignell - Postmodern Media Culture.pdf
Jonathan Clements & Helen McCarthy - The Anime Encyclopedia ~ A Guide to Japanese Animation Since 1917.pdf
Jonathan Friday - Andre Bazin's Ontology of Photographic and Film Imagery [The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 63-4 Fall 2005].pdf
Jonathan Rosenbaum - Movie Wars.pdf
Jonathan Rosenbaum - Moving Places ~ A Life at the Movies.pdf
Jonathon Rosenbaum - Goodbye Cinema Hello Cinephilia.pdf
Josef Gugler - African Film ~ Re-Imagining a Continent.pdf
Josef Gugler - African Films ~ Re-Imagining a Continent.pdf
Joseph Horovitz - Artists in Exile.pdf
Joseph M. Boggs & Dennis W. Petrie - The Art of Watching Films.pdf
Joseph V. Mascelli - The Five C's of Cinematography ~ Motion Picture Filming Techniques.pdf
Joseph W. Smith III - The Psycho File ~ A Comprehensive Guide to Hitchcock's Classic Shocker.pdf
Josephine Woll - The Cranes are Flying.pdf
Josh Levine - The Coen Brothers ~ The Story of Two American Filmmakers.pdf
Journal of Adaptation in Film and Performance - Volume 1 Issue 2.pdf
Journal of Chinese Cinemas - Volume 2 Issue 1.pdf
Journal of Japanese and Korean Cinema - Volume 1 Issue 1.pdf
Joyce A. Evans - Celluloid Mushroom Clouds ~ Hollywoodand the Atomic Bomb.pdf
Judith Mayne - Cinema and Spectatorship.pdf
Karl-Rainer Blumenthal - Of Gods and Grizzlies ~ …Herzog and Friedrich.pdf
Katherine A Fowkes - The Fantasy Film.pdf
Kathryn Kalinak - Film Music ~ A Very Short Introduction.pdf
Kaushik Bhaumik - The Emergence of the Bombay Film Industry, 1913-1936.pdf
Keiko I. McDonald - Japanese Classical Theater in Films.pdf
Keith Beattie - Documentary Screens ~ Non-Fiction Film and Television.pdf
Keith M. Johnston - Coming Soon ~ Film Trailers and the Selling of Hollywood Technology.pdf
Ken Dancyger - The Director's Idea ~ The Path to Great Directing.pdf
Ken Dancyger - The Technique of Film & Video Editing ~ History, Theory and Practice.pdf
Ken Gelder (ed.) - The Horror Reader.pdf
Ken Wlaschin - The Silent Cinema in Song, 1896-1929.pdf
Ken Wlaschin - Silent Mystery and Detective Movies ~ A Comprehensive Filmography.pdf
Kenneth W. Harrow (ed.) - African Cinema ~ Postcolonial and Feminist Readings.pdf
Kent Jones - L'Argent [BFI Film Classics].pdf
Kevin J. Hayes (ed.) Martin Scorsese's Raging Bull [Cambridge Film Handbooks].pdf
Kim Young-jin - Lee Chang-dong.pdf
Kjel Wayne Johnson - [Re]Framing Violence ~ Hollywood Cinema & Late Capitalism 1967-2001.pdf
Klaus Kreimeie -The Ufa Story ~ A History of Germany's Greatest Film Company, 1918-1945.pdf
Kooijiman, Pisters & Strauven (eds) - Mind the Screen ~ Media Concepts According to Thomas Elsaesser.pdf
Kristin Thompson - Herr Lubitsch Comes to Hollywood ~ German and American Film after World War I.pdf
Krzysztof Kieslowski - I'm So-So.pdf
Laura Marcus - The Tenth Muse ~ Writing about Cinema in the Modernist Period.pdf
Leo Braudy - On The Waterfront [BFI Film Classics].pdf
Lesley Brill - John Huston's Filmmaking.pdf
Leslie Kane (ed.) - The Art of Crime ~ The Plays and Film of Harold Pinter and David Mamet.pdf
Lewis Jacobs - Experimental Cinema in America.pdf
Lina Khatib - Lebanese Cinema ~ Imagining the Civil War and Beyond.pdf
Linda Ruth Williams and Michael Hammond - Contemporary American Cinema.pdf
Lisa Downing and Libby Saxton - Film and Ethics ~ Foreclosed Encounters.pdf
Liz Stubbs - Documentary Filmmakers Speak.pdf
Lloyd Michaels (ed.) - Ingmar Bergman's Persona [Cambridge Film Handbooks].pdf
Louis Giannetti - Understanding Movies (Ninth Edition).pdf
Louis Pizzitola - Hearst Over Hollywood ~ Power, Passion and Propaganda in the Movies.pdf
Lucia Nagib (ed.) - The New Brazilian Cinema.pdf
Lucy Fischer - Sunrise [BFI Film Classics].pdf
Luis Bu?uel - My Last Breath.pdf
Luisa Rivi - European Cinema After 1989 ~ Cultural Identity and Transnational Production.pdf
M. Keith Booker - Alternate Americas ~ Science Fiction Film and American Culture.pdf
Marha F. Cassidy - What Women Watched ~ Daytime Television in the 1950s.pdf
Maria Pramaggiore & Tom Wells - Film ~ A Critical Introduction (Second ed.).pdf
Marilyn Ann Moss - Giant ~ George Stevens, a Life on Film.pdf
Marilyn Fabe - Closely Watched Films ~ An Introduction to the Art of Narrative Film Technique.pdf
Mark B. N. Hansen - New Philosophy for New Media.pdf
Mark D. White (ed.) - Watchmen and Philosophy ~ A Rorschach Test.pdf
Mark Jancovich (ed.) - Horror ~ The Film Reader.pdf
Mark T. Conard (ed.) - The Philosophy of the Coen Brothers.pdf
Marsha Kinder - Playing with Power in Movies Televison and Video Games.pdf
Martin O'Shaughnessy - La Grande Illusion [French Film Guide].pdf
Martin Rubin - Thrillers [Genres in American Cinema].pdf
Mary Ane Doane, Patricia Mellencamp and Linda Williams (eds) - Re-Vision ~ Essays in Femminist Film Criticism.pdf
Mary Anne Doane - The Desire to Desire ~ The Woman' Film of the 1940.pdf
Matthe J. Bartkowiak (ed.) - Sounds of the Future ~ Essays on Music in Science Fiction Film.pdf
Maurice Yokowar - The Films of Paul Morrissey [Cambridge Film Classics].pdf
Maxine Baker - Documentary in the Digital Age.pdf
Melanie J Wright - Religion and Film ~ An Introduction_.pdf
Melvin Donaldson - Black Directors in Hollywood.pdf
Merrill Schleier - Skyscraper Cinema ~ Architecture and Gender in American Film.pdf
Mette Hjort - Small Nation, Global Cinema ~ The New Danish Cinema.pdf
Mia Makela - Live Cinema ~ Language and Elements.pdf
Micelangelo Antonioni - The Architecture of Vision ~ Writings & Interviews on Cinema.pdf
Michael Barrier - Animated Man ~ A Life of Walt Disney.pdf
Michael Chanan - Cuban Cinema.pdf
Michael DeAngelis - Gay Fandom and Crossover Stardom ~ James Dean, Mel Gibson and Keanu Reeves.pdf
Michael Eaton - Chinatown [BFI Film Classics].pdf
Michael G. Elasmar (ed.) - The Impact of International Television ~ A Paradigm Shift.pdf
Michael R. Pitts - Western Films Series of the Sound Era.pdf
Michael Rabiger - Directing the Documentary.pdf
Michael Richardson - Surrealism and Cinema .pdf
Michael Rizzo - The Art Direction Handbook for Film.pdf
Michael T. Martin (ed.) - New Latin American Cinema.pdf
Michael Walker - Hitchcock's Motifs.pdf
Michel Chion - Audio-Vision ~ Sound on Screen.pdf
Michelle Langford - Allegorical Images ~ Tableau, Time and Gesture in the Cinema of Werner Schroeter.pdf
Mike O'Mahoney - Eisenstein.pdf
Mikhail Iampolski - The Memory of Tiresias ~ Intertextuality and Film.pdf
Mireia Aragay - Books in Motion ~ Adaptation, Intertextuality, Authorship.pdf
Mitsuyo Wada-Marciano - Nippon Modern ~ Japanese Cinema of the 1920s and 1930s.pdf
Monica Silveira Cyrino - Big Screen Rome.pdf
Murray Pomerance (ed.) - Bad Infamy, Darkness, Evil, and Slime on Screen.pdf
Myriam Diocaretz and Stefan Herbrechter (eds) - The Matrix in Theory.pdf
Nathan Abrams, Ian Bell and Jan Udris - Studying Film.pdf
Nathaniel Dorsky - Devotional Cinema.pdf
Negar Mottahedeh - Displaced Allegories ~ Post-Revolutionary Iranian Cinema.pdf
New Cinemas Journal of Contemporary Film - Volume 6 Issue 1.pdf
Nick Dawson - Being Hal Ashby ~ Life of a Hollwwood Rebel.pdf
Nina - Cornyetz - The Ethics of Aesthetics in Japanese Cinema and Literature ~ Polygraphic Desire.pdf
Noel Carrol - The Philosphy of Horror .pdf
Noel Carroll - Theorizing the Moving Image.pdf
No?l Carroll - The Philosophy of Motion Pictures.pdf
Nurith Gertz and George Khleifi - Palestinian Cinema ~ Landscape, Trauma and Memory.pdf
Oliver Leaman (ed.) - Companion Encyclopedia of Middle Eastern and North African Film.pdf
P. Adams Sitney - Visionary Film ~ The American Avant-Garde 1943-2000.pdf
Paisley Livingston - Cinema, Philosophy, Bergman ~ On Film as Philosophy.pdf
Paisley Livingston and Carl Plantinga (eds) - The Routledge Companion to Philosophy and Film.pdf
Pamela Robertosn Wojcik and Arthur Knight (eds) - Soundtrack Available ~ Essays on Film and Popular Music.pdf
Paola Marrati - Gilles Deleuze ~ Cinema and Philosophy.pdf
Pasi Valiaho - Mapping the Moving Image ~ Gesture, Thought and Cinema circa 1900.pdf
Patricia Aufderheide - Documentary Film ~ A Very Short Introduction.pdf
Patricia D. Netzley - Encyclopedia of Movie Special Effects.pdf
Patricia Pisters - The Matrix Of Visual Culture ~ Working with Deleuze in Film Theory.pdf
Patrick Mcgilligan - Alfred Hitchcock A Life in Darkness and Light.pdf
Patrick McGilligan - Backstory 3 ~ Interviews with Screenwriters of the 60s.pdf
Paul Cronin (ed.) - Herzog on Herzog.pdf
Paul Duncan - Alfred Hitchcock [Pocket Essential].pdf
Paul Grainge (ed.) - Memory and Popular Film.pdf
Paul Julian Smith - Television in Spain ~ From Franco to Almodκvar.pdf
Paul McDonald - The Star System ~ Hollywood's Production of Popular Identities.pdf
Paul Rotha - The Film to Now ~ A Survey of World Cinema.pdf
Paul Schrader - Yakuza-Eiga [Film Comment January-February 1974].pdf
Paul Tonks - Film Music [Pocket Essentials].pdf
Paul Varner - Historical Dictionary of Westerns in Cinema.pdf
Paul Virilio - The Vision Machine.pdf
Paula Marantz Cohen - Silent Film and the Triumph of the American Myth.pdf
Peter Bondanella - The Films of Roberto Rossellini [Cambridge Film Classics].pdf
Peter Brunette - Roberto Rosesellini.pdf
Peter C. Rollins - The Columbian Companion to American History on Film.pdf
Peter C. Rollins and John E. O'Conner - Hollywood's West ~ The American Frontier in Film, Television & History.pdf
Peter Hutchens - Historical Dictionary of Horror Cinema.pdf
Peter Lev - American Films of the 70s ~ Conflicting Visions.pdf
Phil Powrie and Keith Reader - French Cinema ~ A Student's Guide.pdf
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Ronald Hayman - Fassbinder ~ Filmmaker .pdf
Ronald Hayman - Fassbinder ~ Filmmaker.pdf
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