Civil Engineering Ebook Collection

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Civil Engineering Ebook Collection

Civil Engineering Ebook Collection
552 PDF Books | English | 2.34 GB

A complete collection for the aspiring & seasoned civil engineers. Contains up to date editions of all the classic handbooks, plus detailed Eurocode manuals. Everything you need, will need, and want to know about civil engineer. Enough knowledge to build a city all on your own!

Civil Engineering:

A Teaching Guide For Structural Steel Connections
Adapting Building & Cities for Climate Change, Sue Roaf
Advanced Structural Dynamics and Active Control of Structures,
Advances in Engineering Structures, Mechanics & Construction
Aluminum Structures-A Guide To Their Specifications And Design
Analyzing Uncertainty in Civil Engineering
Applied Statistics and Probability for Engineers, Douglas C. Montgomery and George C. Runger
Applied Structural And Mechanical Vibrations, Paolo L.Gatti and Vittorio Ferrari
Arch Dam Design
Arch Design
Architecture E-Books
Asphalt Materials and Mix Design Manual, Irving Kett
AutoCAD Secrets Every User Should Know
Bearing Capacity of Soils
Beneficial Uses of Dredged Material
Bridge Hydraulics
Bridge Engineering Construction and Maintenance, Wai-Fah Chen
Bridge Engineering HandBook, Troitsky, M.S
Bridge Engineering Seismic Design, Wai-Fah Chen
Bridge Engineering Substructure Design, Wai-Fah Chen
Bridge Hydraulics
Building Automation
Building Code Requirements For Structural Concrete (ACI 318-05) And Commentary (ACI 318R-05)
Building Construction HandBook
Building Services Handbook
Building Systems for Interior Designers, John Wiley & Sons (Mimarl_k)
Builing Design and Construction Handbook, Frederick S. Merritt
Calibration of Laboratory Soils Testing Equipment
Cathodic Protection Systems for Civil Works Structures
Channel Stability Assessment for Flood Control Projects
Chemical Grouting
Civil Engineering handbook
Civil Engineering Formulas - Pocket Guide, Tyler G. Hicks
Civil Engineering Handbook - Second Edition, W. F. CHEN
Civil Engineering Hydraulics, R.E. Featherstone
Civil Works Construction Cost Index System
Coastal Geology
Coastal Groins and Nearshore Breakwaters
Coastal Inlet Hydraulics and Sedimentation
Coastal Littoral Transport
Code Of Practice For The Structural Use Of Steel August 2005
Composite Structures Of Steel And Concrete - Volume1, R.P. Johnson
Concrete Bridge Engineering Performance and Advanced, R.J.COPE
Concrete Construction Engineering Handbook, 2nd Edition
Conduits, Culverts and Pipes
Confined Disposal of Dredged Material
Construction Control for Earth & Rock-Fill Dams
Construction With Large Stone
Corrosion Science And Technology, David & James Talbot
Deformation Monitoring & Control Surveying
Design & Construction of Levees
Design O fStructural Elements
Design of Beach Fills
Design of Breakwaters and Jetties
Design of Coastal Revetments, Seawalls and Bulkheads
Design of Hydraulic Steel Structures Change 1
Design of Masonry Structures, A.W.Hendry and B.P.Sinha
Design of Pile Foundations
Design of Sheet Pile Cellular Structures Cofferdams & Retai
Design of Sheet Pile Walls
Design of Small Water Systems
Design of Spillway Tainter Gates
Design of Steel Structures, Prof. Dr. A. Varma
Design, Construction, and Maintaince of Relief Wells
Dictionary Of Engineering, Licker M.D
Dredging & Dredged Material Disposal
Durability Of Concrete Structures Investigation Repair Protection, Geoff Mays
Earth and Rock-Fill Dams - General Design and Construction
Engineering Mechanics Dynamics - SI Version 3rd - Pytel, Kiusalaas
Engineering Mechanics Statics SI 3rd - Pytel, Kiusalaas
Engineering Surveying
Engineering and Design - Deformation Monitoring and Control
Engineering and Design - Rock Reinforcement
Engineering and Design - Survey Markers and Monumentation
Environmental Engineering and Local Flood Control Channels
Environmental Engineering for Coastal Shore Protection
Environmental Engineering for Small Boat Basins
Environmental Quality - Performance Evaluation
Estimating Building Costs, Calin M. Popescu and Kan Phaobunjong
Eurocodes & Other E-Books
Evaluation and Repair of Concrete Structures
Finite Element Analysis, Joseph E. Flaherty
Flood Run-off Analysis
Foundation Analysis and Design, Joseph E. Bowles
Foundations Of Engineering Geology
General Principles of Pumping Station Design and Layout
Geophysical Exploration for Engineering and Environmental
Geospatial Data and Systems
Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering Handbook, Robert W. Day
Geotechnical Investigations
Global Positioning System Surveying
Gravity Dam Design
Groundwater Hydrology
Grouting Technology
Guidelines for Landscape Planting and Vegetation Managment
Handbook of Civil Engineering Calculations
Handbook of Civil Engineering Calculations, Tyler G. Hicks
Hydaulic Design of Reservoir Outlet Works
Hydraulic Design - Surges in Canals
Hydraulic Design of Flood Control Channels
Hydraulic Design of Lock Culvert Valves
Hydraulic Design of Navigation Dams
Hydraulic Design of Navigation Locks
Hydraulic Design of Small Boat Harbors
Hydraulic Design of Spillways
Hydroelectirc Power Plants Mechanical Design
Hydroelectric Power Plants Electrical Design
Hydrologic Analysis of Interior Areas
Hydrologic Engineering Requirements for Flood Damages
Hydrologic Engineering Requirements for Reservoirs
Hydrologic Frequency Analysis
Ice Engineering
Instrumentation for Concrete Structures
Instrumentation of Embankment Dams and Levees
Laboratory Soils Testing
Layout and Design of Shallow-Draft Waterways
Lock Gates and Operating Equipment
Lubricant and Hydraulic Fluids
Management of Water Control Systems
Mechanical and Electrical Design of Pumping Stations
Mechanics of Materials (2e)
Monitoring Well Design, Installation, and Documentation
Navigation Locks - Fire Protection Provisions
Painting New Construction and Maintenance
Performance Evaluation (PE) Program
Planning Design of Hydroelectirc Power Plant Structures
Planning and Design of Navigation Dams
Planning and Design of Navigation Locks
Principles of Engineering Mechanics - 2nd Edition, H. R. Harrison and T. Nettleton
Quantitative Methods in Reservoir Engineering
Reinforced Concrete Design Concepts and Formulas, John M. Robberts
Reservoir Water Quality Analyses
Response Spectra and Seismic Analysis for Concrete Hydraulics
Retaining and Flood Walls
Risk-Based Analysis for Flood Damage Reduction Studies
River Hydraulics
Rock Foundations
Rock Reinforcement
Roller-Compacted Concrete
Runoff from Snowmelt
Sedimentation Investigations of Rivers and Reservoirs
Seepage Analysis and Control for Dams
Settlement Analysis
Small Wastewater Systems
Stability of Earth and Rock Fill Dams
Standard Practice for Concrete for Civil Works Structures C
Standard Practice for Shotcrete
Standard Project Flood Determinations
Storm Surge Analysis and Design Water Level Determinations
Strength Design for Reinforced - Concrete Hydraulic Structures
Structural Design of Closure Structures for Local Flood Pro
Structural Design of Concrete Lined Flood Control Channels
Structural and Architectural Design of Pumping Stations
Survey Markers and Monumentation
Systematic Drilling and Blasting for Surface Excavations
Technical Guidelines for Hazardous & Toxic Waste Treatment
Thermal Spraying New Construction and Maintenance
Tidal Hydraulics
Topographic Surveying
Tunnels and Shafts in Rock
Vertical Lift Gates
Water Levels and Wave Heights for Coastal EngineeringDesign
Waterstops and Other Preformed Joint Materials for Civil Wo
Winter Navigation on Inland Waterways
Wire Rope Selection Criteria for Gate-Operating Devices

Architecture E-Books:

2009 International Building Code
2009 International Building Code Need To Know
Building Construction Illustrated, 4th Edition 2008
How Buildings Work The Natural Order of Architecture, 3rd Edition 2005
Managing the Building Design Process, 2nd Edition 2006
So … You Want to Build a House, 2006 Edition
Structures in Architecture, 1990-2006 Edition

Eurocodes & Other E-Books:

2-Problems Of Structural Optimization For Post-Buckling Behaviour
A Comparative Study Of International Building Code Seismic Analysis Methods With Case Studies
A New Dimension In Precast Prestressed Concrete Bridges For Congested Urban Areas In High Seismic Zones
A modal pushover analysis procedure for estimating seismic demands for buildings
ANSORGE R. - Mathematical Models of Fluid Dynamics. Modelling, theory, basic numerical facts-An Introduction
Advanced Finite elements methods
Advanced Finite elements methods
Advanced Structural Dynamics And Active Control Of Structures
BEM-FEM soil-structure
Basic Concepts In Nonlinear Dynamics And Chaos
Behaviour of precast concrete floor slabs exposed to standar
Behaviour of precast reinforced concrete pile caps
Book Introduction To The Finite Elements Method
C3292 - Constructions Parasismiques - Eurocode 8
Composite beam design to Eurocode 4
Computational Fluid Dynamics Algorithms for Hydraulic Engine
Concrete Dams- Seismic Analysis, Design and Retrifitting
Continuum Mechanics and Elements of Elasticity Structural Mechanics_Victor E.Saouma_1998(243)
DIN 18800-3 1990 (Stability - buckling of plates)
DIN 18800-4 1990 (Steel structures, stability, buckling of shells)
Developments in seismic structural analysis and design
Displacement-based seismic analysis for out-of-plane bending of unreinforced masonry walls
Efficient three-dimensional seismic analysis of a high-rise building structure with shear walls
Elastic Stability of Plates(Plate Buckling Analysis
Elements of soil mechanics (7th ed)
Engineering Hydrology
EuroCode 8-1-Final
Eurocode 0 - EN 1990-2002
Eurocode 0 - prEN 1990 (ENG)
Eurocode 0 - prEN 1990-prAnnexA2-2003
Eurocode 1 Part 1,1 - prEN 1991-1-1-2001
Eurocode 1 Part 1,2 - prEN 1991-1-2-2002
Eurocode 1 Part 1,3 - prEN 1991-1-3-2003
Eurocode 1 Part 1,4 - prEN 1991-1-4-2004
Eurocode 1 Part 1,5 - prEN 1991-1-5-2003
Eurocode 1 Part 1,6 - prEN 1991-1-6-2004
Eurocode 1 Part 1,7 - prEN 1991-1-7-2003
Eurocode 1 Part 2 - prEN 1991-2-2002
Eurocode 1 Part 2,6 - DDENV 1991-2-6-1997
Eurocode 1 Part 3 - prEN 1991-3-2002
Eurocode 1 Part 4 - DDENV 1991-4-1995
Eurocode 1 Part4 (ENG) - prEN 1991-4 (2003 Mar)
Eurocode 2 - Design of Concrete Structures - Part 1 (Eurocodigo EC 2) - prEN 1992-1-1 November 2002 [ENG]
Eurocode 2 - prEN 1992-1-1 (2004 Dez)
Eurocode 2 Part 1,1
Eurocode 2 Part 1,2 - prEN 1992-1-2-2004
Eurocode 2 Part 1,4 - DDENV 1992-1-4-1994
Eurocode 2 Part 1,6 - DDENV 1992-1-6-1994
Eurocode 2 Part 2 - DDENV 1992-2-1996
Eurocode 2 Part 3 - prEN 1992-3-2004
Eurocode 2-3 Design of Precast concrete structures 6
Eurocode 2_Design of concrete structures. Concrete bridges
Eurocode 3 - Pren 1993-1-5 (2004 Jun) 34
Eurocode 3 For Dummies
Eurocode 3 Manual for the design of steelwork building structures (November 1989)
Eurocode 3 Part 1,1 - DDENV 1993-1-1-1992
Eurocode 3 Part 1,1 - PrEN 1993-1-1-2001
Eurocode 3 Part 1,10 - prEN 1993-1-10-2003
Eurocode 3 Part 1,2 - PrEN 1993-1-2-2002
Eurocode 3 Part 1,3 - DDENV 1993-1-3-1996
Eurocode 3 Part 1,5 - prEN 1993-1-5-2004 (Juin 2004)
Eurocode 3 Part 1,8 - prEN 1993-1-8-2003
Eurocode 3 Part 1,9 - PrEN 1993-1-9-2003
Eurocode 3 Part 3 - prEN 1993-3-2001
Eurocode 3 Part1.5 (ENG) - prEN 1993-1-5 (2003 Set)
Eurocode 3 Part1.6 - Pren 1993-1-6 (Eng)
Eurocode 3 design of steel structures 1
Eurocode 3 design of steel structures 1.2
Eurocode 3.3 - Pren 1993-3 (2002 Mai)
Eurocode 4 Part 1,1 - prEN 1994-1-1-2004
Eurocode 4 Part 2 - DDENV 1994-2-1997
Eurocode 4 design of composite steel and concrete structures
Eurocode 5 Part 1,1 - DDENV 1995-1-1-1993
Eurocode 5 Part 1,2 - prEN 1995-1-2-2001
Eurocode 6 Design Of Masonry Structures 4
Eurocode 6 Part 1,2 - prEN 1996-1-2-1995 - incomplet
Eurocode 6 Part 1,2 - prEN 1996-1-2-2000
Eurocode 6 Part 1,3 - DDENV 1996-1-3-1998
Eurocode 6 Part 1.1
Eurocode 6 Part 2 - DDENV 1996-2-1998
Eurocode 6 Part 3 - DDENV 1996-3-1999
Eurocode 6 Part1.1 (ENG) - prEN 1996-1-1 (2001 Out)
Eurocode 7 Geotechnical design 1
Eurocode 7 Part 1 - DDENV 1997-1-1994
Eurocode 7 Part 1 - prEN 1997-1-2001 (bizarre)
Eurocode 7 Part 2 - DDENV 1997-2-1999
Eurocode 7 Part 3 - DDENV 1997-3-1999
Eurocode 8 - prEN 1998-4_ 2003 [Silos, tanks and pipelines]
Eurocode 8 Part 1 - prEN 1998-1 (12-2003)
Eurocode 8 Part 3 - prEN 1998-3 (07-2003)
Eurocode 8 Part 4 - prEN 1998-4-2003 (12-2003)
Eurocode 8 Part 5 - prEn 1998-5 (12-2003)
Eurocode 8 Part 6 - prEN 1998-6 (01-2003)
Eurocode 8.6 Part6 - prEN 1998-6 (ENG)
Eurocode 9 Design Of Aluminium Structures
Eurocode 9 Design of aluminium structures 12
Eurocode 9 Design of aluminium structures(1)
Eurocode 9 Part 1,1 - DDENV 1999-1-1-1998
Eurocode 9 Part 1,2 - DDENV 1999-1-2-1998
Eurocode 9 Part 2 - DDENV 1999-2-1998
Eurocode Basis Of Structural Design
Finite Element II, solid mechanics_Victor E.Saouma_2001
Finite Element Method Programming With Mathematica(airplane design)
Finite Element Method using Pro ENGINEER and ANSYS
Finite Volume Methods For Hyperbolic Problems - R. Leveque (Cambridge, 2004) WW
Fluid Mechanics - Zucker R D , Biblarz O - Fundamentals Of Gas Dynamics (2Ed , Wiley, 2002)(Isbn 0471059676)(500S)
Fracture - Saouma, Fracture Mechanics-00–Saouma-p419
Functional Analysis Introduction To Spectral Theory In Hilbert Spaces - Rosenberger
Handbook of Civil Engineering Calculations
Introduction to Structural Dynamics & Aeroelasticity
Lopez - Spectral theory and nonlinear functional analysis
Material Modelling In The Seismic Response Analysis For The Design Of Rc Framed Structures
Mechanics of Structural Elements
Modeling Techniques in Geomechanics
P.Solin - Partial differential equations and the finite element method
PCI_Precast & prestressed concrete handbook
Plant-Precast Structural Concrete
Practices for Pier and Intermediate Diaphragms of Precast Concrete Girder Bridges
Precast Prestressed Concrete Horizontally Curved Bridge Beams
Push-over analysis for performance-based seismic design
Reliability-based seismic performance evaluation of steel frame buildings using nonlinear static analysis methods.
Risk analysis of landfill design response to seismic loading
Section properties and member resistances to Eurocode 3
Seismic Analysis And Desing Of Industrial Chimneys
Seismic Analysis Modeling to Satisfy Building Codes
Seismic Analysis Of Cantilever Retaining Walls, Phase I Erdcitl Tr-02-3
Shahram Pezeshk - Basic Structural Dynamics And Seismic Analysis
Shear Buckling Analysis
Soil Mechanics & Foundations
Soil-Structure Interaction MEF
Solin P.- Partial differential equations and the finite element method (Wiley, 2006)(499s)
Statistic And Probabilities In Hydrology
Statistical seismic response analysis and reliability design of nonlinear structure system
Techniques De L'ingenieur - c3 292 Doc - Constructions Parasismiques - Eurocode 8 (Biblio)
The Theory of Piezoelectric Shells and Plates, N. N. Rogachev
Theory Of Financial Risks From Statistical Physics To Risk Management Cambridge University Press 2000
Theory Of Plates And Shells By Timoshenko
Thermo-Dynamics of Plates and Shells (Springer 2007)
Timoshenko Plates And Shells
Timoshenko Plates And Shells
Us Army - Engineer Course En5260 - Construction Equipment Repairer (Hydraulic Systems)
Victor Saouma - Matrix Structural Analysis
Volume 1 An Introduction to the Mechanics of Elastic and Plastic Deformation of Solids and Structural Materials
Volume 2 The Mechanics of Elastic and Plastic Deformation of Solids and Structural Materials
Worked Examples For The Design Of Steel Structures (Eurocode)
[Ebook-ENG]-Eurocode_3_ Part_1_11(feb2003)
[Ebook-ENG]-Eurocode_4_ Part_2(set2004)
[Ingenieria] Elsevier - Civil Engineer's Reference Book
[Ingenieria] Introduction To The Finite Element Method
[Terzaghi] Unsaturated Soil Mechanics (2007)
naca-tn-3781-Buckling of flat plates
naca-tn-3783-Buckling of curved plates and shells
numerical elastic foundation
prEN 1992-1-1-2002

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