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Construction Management Business

Posted By: ELK1nG
Construction Management Business

Construction Management Business
Last updated 11/2021
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How to create construction business plan, Construction bidding process, Project delivery methods, Project scheduling.

What you'll learn
How to start construction management business
How to create construction business plan
Construction project delivery methods
Construction project management phases
Construction bidding process
How to write a construction project scope of work
Three methods to estimate construction cost
How to make construction schedule
Tips for quality control on your construction projects
Simple construction site safety rules
Construction management software
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The construction industry in this modern time has grown so big that the economic impact is so large and affect any economy in this world, its contribution to the social economic development of the countries is very high and provide a very big employment opportunities to the youth and the entire population. Very key professionals are needed in this area. Constructions management provide great expertise they control budget, initiate cost saving ideas, mitigate risk and ensure the free flow of business, as well as ensure that communication flow correctly so that the work can go on smoothly and accurately as expected by the business owners. Planning, coordinating and control of projects from its inception to completion is the key mandate of the construction  management to ensure that the project is on course and meet the lay down plan as discussed before the commencement of the project. The duty of carefully monitoring the cost, scope and schedule of the construction management is very critical to ensure that the project is being work out in line with the budget that has being lay down from beginning to the end of the project completion. Quality project is determined by the way the project start from the inception.We all tend to forget that safety is very vital to the success of the project that is being undertaking, in such circumstances the duty of ensuring  that the project meet the country of operation safety standard is very important, because failure to meet construction safety standard can lead to the stoppage of any ongoing project by the company from authorities. Scope are very essential in the construction management, scope look at the design intent and how it will be accomplished. There is always reminders to know that nobody can complete construction work accurately without  a proper lay down quality control measures. To complete construction projects on time, suppliers of raw materials for building must be carefully chosen because if you have bad suppliers your construction work will be stand still without moving forward because there is no raw materials. The budget for the construction project must carefully be reviewed always to ensure that the spending's of the project is in line with the money budgeted for the actual project


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 What is construction management

Lecture 3 Construction management versus project management

Lecture 4 What construction managers do

Lecture 5 Construction types

Lecture 6 Types of construction management contracts

Section 2: How To Start Construction Management Business

Lecture 7 Research your local market

Lecture 8 Write your business plan

Lecture 9 Register your business

Lecture 10 Find the right license and permit

Lecture 11 Secure insurance and liabilities

Lecture 12 Get the funding you need

Lecture 13 Grow your business

Section 3: How To Create Construction Business Plan

Lecture 14 Determine your overall company mission, vision and values

Lecture 15 Assign coaching staff assignments and responsibilities

Lecture 16 List your players, their strengths and weaknesses

Lecture 17 Design your offensive plays and strategy

Lecture 18 Design your defensive plays and strategy

Lecture 19 Implement a training program

Lecture 20 Develop an equipment inventory system

Lecture 21 Initiate business development plays

Lecture 22 Truck your financial plays and strategy

Section 4: Construction Bidding Process

Lecture 23 What is construction bid

Lecture 24 How to win a construction bid

Lecture 25 Bid solicitation

Lecture 26 Bid submission

Lecture 27 Bid selection

Lecture 28 Contract formation

Lecture 29 Project delivery

Section 5: Construction Project Delivery Methods

Lecture 30 Design - bid - build ( traditional building)

Lecture 31 Design - build ( D-B)

Lecture 32 Construction manager at risk ( CMAR)

Lecture 33 Job order contracting ( JOC)

Lecture 34 Multiple award task order contract ( MATOC)

Section 6: Construction Project Management Phases

Lecture 35 The initiation phase

Lecture 36 The pre-construction phase

Lecture 37 The procurement phase

Lecture 38 The construction phase

Lecture 39 The post-construction / closeout phase

Section 7: Tips For Quality Control On Your Construction Project

Lecture 40 Start with the right workers

Lecture 41 Invest in technology

Lecture 42 Use the right materials

Lecture 43 Ensure safety and compliance

Lecture 44 Check and check again

Lecture 45 Protect completed work and avoid scope creep

Lecture 46 Audit and test

Lecture 47 Have suppliers and vendor expectation from the start

Section 8: Tips On How To Make A Construction Schedule

Lecture 48 Get information and tools

Lecture 49 Collect and prioritize tasks

Lecture 50 Add duration

Lecture 51 Allocate and execute

Lecture 52 Review Review Review

Section 9: How To Write A Construction Project Scope OF Work

Lecture 53 Use obvious language

Lecture 54 Breakdown the project

Lecture 55 Solidify objectives and deloverables

Lecture 56 Visuals designs, diagrams

Lecture 57 Signoffs

Section 10: Three Methods To Estimate The Cost Of Construction Labor And Material

Lecture 58 The unit pricing method

Lecture 59 The square foot method ( aka the budget method)

Lecture 60 The rule of two method

Section 11: Simple Construction Site Safety Rules

Lecture 61 Simple construction site safety rules

Section 12: Construction Managements Software

Lecture 62 Types of construction management software

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