DC Circuit Analysis

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DC Circuit Analysis

DC Circuit Analysis
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Go-to course for all fundamentals regarding DC Circuit Analysis

What you'll learn:
Know all the Fundamentals of Electric DC Circuits
Know the concept of the Nodes, Junctions, Mesh and Loops
Bilateral and Unilateral Elements, Linear and Non-Linear Elements, Lumped and Distributed Elements
Series and Parallel connection of elements
Star to Delta, Delta to Star Conversion
Ideal and Practical i) Voltage Sources ii) Current sources
Know the difference between Dependent and Independent Sources
Definition of the Kirchhoff's laws (KVL and KCL)
Voltage & Current Divider Theorem
Mesh Analysis
Loop Analysis
Nodal Analysis
Superposition Theorem
Thevenin’s Theorem
Norton’s Theorem
Maximum Power Transfer Theorem
Millman’s Theorem

No prior knowledge required

This course has been created to help you understand the fundamentals of DC Circuit Analysis such as

Definition of various circuit elements

Series and Parallel Circuits

Star to Delta, Delta to Star Conversion

Ideal & Practical Voltage & Current Sources

Dependent and Independent Sources

Kirchhoff's laws

Various methods of circuit analysis

Circuit Theorems

Sample problems and assignments have been included to increase understanding of each topic.

At the end of each section, a quiz is added to provide students with an insight into their concept comprehension.

Who this course is for
This course is for anyone who wants in-depth information about the fundamentals of Electric DC Circuits