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Detailed Cost Estimation For Construction Projects

Posted By: ELK1nG
Detailed Cost Estimation For Construction Projects

Detailed Cost Estimation For Construction Projects
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Prepare a detailed or deterministic cost estimation considering materials, equipment, manpower and subcontractors

What you'll learn
Cost Estimation
Rate Breakdown Analysis
Daily Manpower Costs
Manpower Activity Costing
Materials Breakdown
Equipment Assumptions
Prime Cost Items
Provisional Sums
Hello and welcome to Detailed Cost Estimation For Construction Projects online course.

This course is all about applying the cost engineering knowledge and best practices to produce a project cost estimate from materials, equipment, manpower & subcontractor list.

This is the second course of our Construction Commercial Management Series and this course focuses on the cost estimation of a project. Our first course focuses on how to calculate the quantities and prepare a BOQ (ready for pricing), but the cost estimation & pricing is what we are discussing in this course. If you want to start from the beginning we recommend you to give "Quantity Surveying, Cost Estimation and BOQ Preparation" a try.

The course is structured in a way that will take you from A to Z on how to prepare a priced project BOQ based on all the available materials and manpower information and project drawings and specs.

This course is very much recommended for you if you meet any of the below criteria:

1 - If you want to learn how to prepare a cost estimate from zero.

2 - If you have some cost estimation background but you want to enhance your knowledge and accuracy.

3 - If you are quantity surveyor and want to develop your skills to become an estimation engineer.

4 - If you want to be able to build a general understating on cost elements and rate breakdown analysis.

5 - If you want to know more about allowances, contingencies, overheads and profits. And also how to estimate these margins.

6 - If you need the BOQ and cost estimate template, that is explained in details (item wise) in this course.

7 - If you want to know to frontload a BOQ based on project cost understanding.

By the end of this course you should be able to:

1 - Estimate the cost & price each item in the BOQ.

2 - Build a project cost estimation overall understanding.

3 - Estimate manpower daily and hourly costs.

4 - Estimate all project activities manpower cost.

5 - Review the project drawings and understand the cost impact on BOQ items.

6 - Understand the various units of measurements for project items.

7 - Prepare a priced quantified BOQ.

8 - Estimate the different margins in a logical way that makes your estimate secure and competitive at the same time.

9 - Assess the subcontractor rates and understand their correctness.

Steps that you will be taking to gradually increase your knowledge during the course:

1 - Watch the course introduction.

2 - Download the BOQ, labor and material sheets.

3 - Watch the course lectures.

4 - Start applying what you learn in each lecture on the BOQ.

5 - Have your estimate ready by the end of the course.

The course covers the below BOQ divisions / items:

1 - Preliminaries

2 - Site works (excavation & backfilling)

3 - Concrete works (sub & super structure various items)

4 - Masonry works (solid, thermal and hollow block)

5 - Metal works (staircase and balconies handrails and project cat ladders)

6 - Joinery works (vanity counters, kitchen cabinets and wardrobes)

7 - Waterproofing works (foundations, wet areas and roof)

8 - Doors & windows

9 - Finishes (flooring, skirting, walls, ceiling and complicated elevation)

10 - External works (boundary wall, interlocking tiles, curbstone, car and pedestrian gates, car parking shades)

11 - Electrical works

12 - Air Conditioning works

13 - Plumbing & Water Supply works

14 - Provisional Sums

The course is a mix of theoretical knowledge and practical experience on how to price a BOQ for a project, and it focuses only on the BOQ, scope and cost sides of the project. It will be followed by a series of courses that will cover the complete construction picture from cost and time points of view as following:

1 - Construction measurements, quantity estimation & BOQ (Available).

2 - Cost estimation (This Course).

3 - Scheduling and planning (Planned to be released by the end of July 2021).

4 - Project execution and cost control (Planned to be released by the September of June 2021).

Generally, estimation and costing courses online are short and easy to digest, however they add tons of value and knowledge to you.

I'm very exited to have you here guys reading all of this and since you made it to the end of this course description, see you in the first lecture.

If you have any queries related to this course, please don't hesitate to contact me for clarification.

Kind regards,

Ahmed Adel,


Who this course is for:
Quantity surveyors
Cost Estimators
Civil Engineers
Procurement Engineers
Planning Engineers
Structural Engineers
Students who want to learn Cost Estimation