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Developing Effective Negotiation Skills: A Practical Guide

Posted By: TiranaDok
Developing Effective Negotiation Skills: A Practical Guide

Developing Effective Negotiation Skills: A Practical Guide by Sorin Dumitrascu
English | 2020 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B08NDZ4CWW | MOBI | 0.61 Mb

In his book, "Developing Effective Negotiation Skills: A Practical Guide," Sorin Dumitrascu presents a comprehensive guide for individuals who wish to hone or learn negotiation skills for success in business. Dumitrascu argues that skilled negotiation is essential for growth and failure in the business world. He provides effective tools and skills to guide individuals through the negotiation process.

The book presents an extensive guide that covers everything from preparing for negotiations to effective communication skills necessary for success. Dumitrascu offers best practices for countering ineffective negotiation techniques and overcoming negotiation challenges. Consequently, readers will learn how to overcome adversarial tactics, misunderstandings, and distractions.

One of the key skills covered in the book is the importance of building and maintaining trust in negotiations. Effective negotiators achieve their goals by reaching an agreement. In this regard, Dumitrascu shows readers how to establish trust by creating an understanding of the other party's needs and interests. The book also introduces readers to personality types, and how to handle emotions and interests during a negotiation.

Another significant aspect of Dumitrascu's book is that it teaches readers how to facilitate agreement by providing options and how to handle continued resistance. With examples and actionable steps, the author offers a practical guide to help readers learn how to engage with the other party and achieve mutually beneficial solutions.

Finally, the book concludes by teaching readers how to close the negotiation effectively. Effective negotiations do not end once both parties agree to terms. Dumitrascu provides tips on how to reinforce negotiated agreements and ensure that the other party gets committed to the success of the initiatives.

Developing Effective Negotiation Skills: A Practical Guide is a must-read for anyone who desires to develop or improve their negotiation skills. Whether for business or personal reasons, Sorin Dumitrascu presents a comprehensive guide that covers all aspects of the negotiation process. Readers will learn how to prepare, communicate effectively, create lasting trust, and close negotiations with success. This book promises to be a valuable resource for anyone who aims to become an effective negotiator.