H. Wayne Beaty, James Kirtley - Electric Motor Handbook [Repost]

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H. Wayne Beaty, James Kirtley - Electric Motor Handbook [Repost]

H. Wayne Beaty, James Kirtley - Electric Motor Handbook
1998 | ISBN: 0123747139, 0070359717 | English | 400 pages | PDF | 3.9 MB

Electric Review : The advent of the personal computer has made the study of electricity an electrical components all the more important. Today, an estimated 3 out of 5 homes have implemented computer systems, and we rely on these instruments in all facets of our daily lives. Accordingly, a true understanding of this topic is necessary for students pursuing science and computer-related degree certification. And that's just where Electric Motor comes into play: In this text students of the discipline will find a wealth of information about all kinds of electric motors and the way that they have been applied to various industries world-wide. Beaty and Kirtley have done an exemplary job in surveying the subject and then creating a manual that is logical and relatively easy to read. In the course of their analysis, the authors discuss the kinds of electrical motors in use today, the ways in which they function, tests to conduct to insure best performance, and ways that motors are designed for different applications. Simply, Electric Motor covers the full spectrum in terms of analyzing the components that drive so many different kinds of systems – from the work place to the home office, and everything between. Seasoned technicians and under-graduate students alike will be served equally well by this handbook as it offers real insight into the ways the engines of the world turn.