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Electronic Bank Statement (Ebs) In Sap S4Hana 2021

Posted By: ELK1nG
Electronic Bank Statement (Ebs) In Sap S4Hana 2021

Electronic Bank Statement (Ebs) In Sap S4Hana 2021
Published 1/2023
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End-to-end on SAP EBS via MT940

What you'll learn

End-to-End Electronic Bank Statement Configuration in SAP S4HANA 2021

How to read an Electronic Bank Statement of MT940 type

How to modify and debug MT940

Interpretation algorithms in EBS Process

What are Bank Transaction Codes (BTC) in EBS

Search Strings for EBS in S4HANA

New "Cash Account" type GL accounts in S4HANA 2021 for Bank Accounts

SAP Best Practices for House Bank GLs in S4HANA 2021

Business Partner creation in SAP S4HANA 2021

Vendor Invoice posting

Automatic Payment Program Configuration (FBZP) in SAP S4HANA 2021

Payment Method Configuration - Bank Transfer and Cheque

Automatic Payment Program (F110) Execution in SAP S4HANA 2021

Cheque management in SAP S4HANA

Deletion of Bank Statements in SAP S4HANA

Bank Statement related Tables in SAP


Basic of SAP FI


With this course, I want to explain about end-to-end Electronic Bank Statement processing in SAP S4HANA 2021.Through the process of taking you through the EBS setup and processing, I have also explained about the latest "Cash Account" type GLs and how can those be used as Bank GL accounts in SAP S4HANA.This course is designed keeping in mind the audience who are experienced and as well entirely new to the topic. The scenario around which the entire course revolves is real-time and helps to understand the topic with ease.This course will give the learners an in-depth insight about Product Costing and help the students in answering the SAP certification questions, and utilize the knowledge in everyday work.Although the course is designed at a slow pace for the benefit of everyone, I would recommend you to explore the options to speed up the video so that you will feel glued to the content and prevent from distraction due to background noise if any.Feel free to share this course with your colleagues and friends for their benefit.Disclaimer: SAP and other products of SAP mentioned in the training is a trademark or registered trademark of SAP SE, Germany. I am not related or affiliated to that.


Section 1: Kick-off to the course

Lecture 1 What can you expect from this course

Section 2: About Electronic Bank Statements

Lecture 2 What is an Electronic Bank Statements (EBS)

Lecture 3 Types of Electronic Bank Statements (EBS)

Section 3: The MT940

Lecture 4 What is an MT940?

Lecture 5 Format and Structure of MT940

Lecture 6 Content IDs in the MT940

Lecture 7 Deep-dive into the Content IDs

Lecture 8 Recap of the Content IDs list

Lecture 9 MT940 revisit

Lecture 10 External Transaction Types.. a.k.a. the BTCs

Section 4: Interfacing EBS with SAP

Lecture 11 Interface between SAP and EBS

Section 5: The Debits and Credits of EBS

Lecture 12 Accounting of Electronic Bank Statements in SAP

Lecture 13 Best Practices by SAP for Bank GLs

Section 6: Automatic Payment Program in S4HANA 2021

Lecture 14 Pre-requisites for EBS setup in SAP S4HANA 2021

Lecture 15 Company Code Setup for APP

Lecture 16 Payment Methods Configuration in S4HANA 2021

Lecture 17 House Bank Configuration in S4HANA 2021

Lecture 18 House Bank Account configuration via Fiori

Lecture 19 Bank Determination and Account Symbols for Bank sub-account

Section 7: Invoicing and Payments via F110

Lecture 20 Business Partner Creation in SAP S4HANA 2021

Lecture 21 Post Vendor Invoice (FB60)

Lecture 22 Automatic Payment Run via F110

Section 8: The Setup!

Lecture 23 Extended Payment Cycle in SAP

Lecture 24 Understanding the OT83 transaction code

Lecture 25 Various EBS posting transactions

Lecture 26 Bank GLs creation for EBS

Lecture 27 Create Account Symbols for EBS

Lecture 28 SAP Best Practices for House Bank Account GLs

Lecture 29 Assign Account Symbols to GL Accounts

Lecture 30 Transaction Type to Bank Key Assignment

Lecture 31 Create External Transaction Types for EBS

Lecture 32 Posting Rules for EBS - Part 1

Lecture 33 Interpretation Algorithms for reading EBS

Lecture 34 Posting Rules for EBS - Part 2

Section 9: Processing Electronic Bank Statement

Lecture 35 Vendor Invoice and F110 Run

Lecture 36 Customize the MT940 statement

Lecture 37 Upload Electronic Bank Statement (FF_5)

Lecture 38 Post-processing of EBS (FEBAN)

Lecture 39 On-account posting in EBS

Lecture 40 EBS clearing by document reference number

Lecture 41 Interpretation algorithm for cheque number

Lecture 42 Outgoing Payments with Cheque Payment Method

Lecture 43 EBS with cheque number interpretation - Part 1

Lecture 44 Deletion of Bank Statement from SAP

Lecture 45 EBS with Cheque Number Interpretation - Part 2

Section 10: Conclusion

Lecture 46 Recap

Section 11: Extra content

Lecture 47 Search Strings

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