The Essential Home Buyer's Checklists

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The Essential Home Buyer's Checklists

Denise Evans, “The Essential Home Buyer's Checklists: 88 Best Ways to Avoid the Costly Mistakes and Hidden Dangers Every Home Buyer Must Face”
Sphinx Publishing | 2006-09-01 | ISBN: 1572485590 | 304 pages | PDF | 1,15 MB

Buying a home is stressful and full of details and tasks that must be completed-on time. Missing a deadline or forgetting an important piece of information can delay, prevent or destroy an entire deal. The missed detail can also cost hundreds of dollars and endless heartache. The Essential Home Buyer's Checklists provides someone looking for their new home a handy reference to make sure all their bases are covered.

Each checklist is followed by subsequent pages that supply explanations, pros and cons and additional considerations. Just a few of the checklist topics include:

–Deciding how much house you can afford
–Deciding what features you want in a home
–Working with a real estate agent
–Working with a contractor/construction company
–Shopping FSBO (For Sale by Owner) properties
–Comparing houses
–Preparing an offer
–The final walk-through tour with the prior owner
–Packing, discarding, storing

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