Everyday PowerShell for Developers

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Everyday PowerShell for Developers

Everyday PowerShell for Developers
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Genre: Development / Programming

This course is about the stuff you do every day - working with code and Visual Studio, source control, building software, etc - and how knowing just enough PowerShell can make these things easier on you. Each module of the course presents applied and practical uses of PowerShell to the everyday life of a software developer. You will be introduced to PowerShell, shown how to automate things you do in Windows Explorer, and how to leverage all of your .NET knowledge from the interactive PowerShell console. Then you will learn how to effectively use legacy console applications, how to customize the PowerShell environment. You’ll gain knowledge of how to use a multitude of third-party PowerShell modules and how to tame your software builds using the PSake PowerShell Module. You will finish off the course by looking at StudioShell.

Everyday PowerShell for Developers

Everyday PowerShell 			  		 	 	  		 	    	 			   		   	  			  	  		 		   	 			   		  		  		   	  	 			   		   	  		   	  		 						 for Developers

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