F-6F Hellcat

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F-6F Hellcat

F-6F Hellcat (Aircraft 9) By Richard Dann
Publisher: Squadron/Signal Publications Inc. 1996 | 83 Pages | ISBN: 0897473620 | PDF | 49 MB

In writing this book, my second in the Walk Around series, I have developed an appreciation for the aircraft that has defined the role of modern carrier aircraft. During my first fourteen weeks in the Navy (at Aviation Officer Candidate School), it was drilled into our heads that naval aviation was "fleet protection and power projection." True, this is the role of the mod­ern carrier battle group, but it was the Hellcat that was the first carrier "strike fighter." Not only was it adequate in dealing with the Japanese air threat, it was also able to destroy both the Japanese infrastructure and the morale of her military in the air-to-ground role. It per­formed both "fleet protection' and "power projection" equally well. In fact, toward the end of the Second World War, the numbers of torpedo bombers and dive bombers aboard carriers were reduced to make room for more Hellcats (VBF squadrons). This measure was taken pri­marily in response to the Kamikaze threat, but also left the option open to go on the offensive. This alone underscores the significance of the Hellcat in the Pacific War.


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