Final Cut Pro X v10.1.x: Effective Storytelling

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Final Cut Pro X v10.1.x: Effective Storytelling

Final Cut Pro X v10.1.x: Effective Storytelling
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Dive into narrative with Diana Weynand, as she shares a comprehensive method for finding, crafting, and developing a compelling story in Apple Final Cut Pro X 10.1.x. The course covers key concepts such as building a primary storyline, evaluating content and pacing, trimming distracting clips, creating different story versions, and storyboarding. The course also explores how to capture and organize media, incorporate B-roll cutaways, apply the Ken Burns effect to still images, re-time music and clips, and add finishing touches.

Note: This course was updated to reflect the changes to Final Cut Pro X v. 10.1.x. Although the course was not re-recorded from scratch, we updated the applicable movies by adding text overlays to guide you through existing changes. We also updated the exercise files to work with the most current version of the software. Please watch the "Understanding this update and using the exercise files" movie to learn exactly what to expect from this updated course. Working with an earlier version of Final Cut Pro X? Watch Effective Storytelling with Final Cut Pro X 10.0.9.

Topics include:
  • Identifying story elements
  • Finding the essence of a story
  • Importing folders and stills as keyword collections
  • Using keywords to make clips accessible
  • Prepping clips for editing
  • Developing story diversity
  • Sculpting the story within the timeline
  • Fine-tuning edits
  • Organizing separate story segments into independent storylines
  • Recording a narration track
  • Adding sound effects
  • Applying effects to enhance story elements
  • Adding freeze frames