German Plus By Pimsleur

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German Plus By Pimsleur

German Plus By Pimsleur
5 CD's | MP3 | CBR 128 Kbps | 150 Mb | ISBN / ASIN: 0743500229

German Plus, an additional 10-lesson (5 hrs.) program, builds upon language skills acquired after completing Levels I, II, III. Includes real-life situations, higher-level interpersonal exchanges.

Plus Programs will:

* build upon the language corpus acquired in Levels I, II, and III,

* include real-life situations (working in a publishing company and attending a trade fair),

* include a more interpersonal exchange of language at a higher level, using diverse language strategies.

Note: In order for the Pimsleur Method to work correctly, you must first complete the Level I, II & III language programs before proceeding to the "Plus" Level language program.