Hacking with Kali Linux

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Hacking with Kali Linux

Hacking with Kali Linux: The Advanced Guide about CyberSecurity to Learn the Secret Coding Tools that Every Hacker Must Use to Break All Computer Configurations with Networking, Scripting and Testing by Darwin Growth
English | October 5, 2020 | ISBN: 191402429X | 144 pages | EPUB | 0.17 Mb

If You Are Looking for Scientific Step-by-Step method to Learn Hacking, Master Coding Tools, and Develop Your Linux Skills with Networking, Scripting and Testing, Then Keep Reading…

Linux is a free and freely distributed operating system inspired by the UNIX system, written by Linus Torvalds with the help of thousands of programmers in 1991. Unlike other operating systems, UNIX is not intended to be easy to use, but to be extremely flexible. In fact, Linux is the best operating system for both programmers and hackers.
As a hacker, one needs to understand basic Linux commands and the correct use of Kali Linux, an advanced penetration testing distribution of Linux. With Kali, you can acquire tools and techniques you'll need to take control of a Linux enviroment and break into every computer
This book deals with all these hacking tools, starting from the beginning and teaching you how hacking really works. Next, you'll learn the basics of scripting, directory setup, and all the tips and tricks passed down over the years by your fellow ethical hackers!
You will have a chance to understand how attackers gain access to your systems and steal information. Also, you will learn what you need to do in order to protect yourself from all kind of hacking techniques.
This is a detailed guide to learn all the principles of hacking and how to turn your Linux system into an unstoppable machine!
You'll learn:
  • Basics of Linux and Hacking
  • How to use Linux commands
  • The correct hacking procedure
  • Web and network hacking tools
  • Explanation of tools like Burp suite, uniscan, websploit and others in detail
  • Introduction to shell scripting
  • Hacking hierarchies and famous cyber security attacks
  • Basics of Cybersecurity
  • How to use TOR & VPN in Linux
  • Advanced Kali Linux hacking strategies
  • And much more
Even if you are a complete beginner you will be able to learn all the information contained in this book by following a step-by-step guide and review all the concepts with detailed summaries after each chapter.
If you really want to take your computer experience to another level and learn the reasons that made Linux hackers heaven, wait no longer!
Discover the secrets of Ethical Hacking and master Kali Linux with this complete, easy to follow, and scientific guide!

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