Hanyu jiaocheng2B 汉语教成第二册 下

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Hanyu jiaocheng2B 汉语教成第二册 下

Beijing University " Hanyu jiaocheng2B 汉语教成第二册 下 "
Beijing University | 2004 | ISBN : 756190746 | 255 Pages | PDF | 12 MB | Chinese

Hanyu Jiaocheng is a well-rounded beginning Chinese curriculum geared towards 1st year language students. It offers an introduction to Chinese grammar, reading, character writing, sentence structure, discussion as well as comprehensive vocabulary lists with English equivalents and Pinyin pronunciation. This extensive 6-volume series can effectively provide a mastery of first year Chinese in a fun and easy to digest format. The Undergraduate Series of Chinese as a Foreign Language, consisting of the textbooks for undergraduate studies in college Chinese, is systematically and scientifically designed and has specific quantitative standards for learners' achievements. In addition, the content of the series is very interesting.