Historical Biographies of Presidents - Books 1 and 2

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Historical Biographies of Presidents - Books 1 and 2

Historical Biographies of Presidents - Books 1 and 2: Abraham Lincoln - Freedom Fighter and Teddy Roosevelt - The Soul of Progressive America by CAC Publishing LLC
English | December 14, 2021 | ISBN: 1950010511 | 575 pages | EPUB | 0.37 Mb

No two men are more responsible for the shaping of American than these two powerhouses. From "Trust-busting" and the "Square deal" to abolishing slavery so that all Americans can enjoy the freedoms of this country, these two embody exactly what it means to be “American.”

In this two-book set, you'll learn not only what made them legends, but also what shaped their early years and made them who they are. From their childhood struggles and what kept them moving forward to their early years in politics and the personal battles they fought. It’s all here.

Abe Lincoln

There is so much to know about President Lincoln that goes beyond the typical points of data that characterize him and his presidency. To truly get to know him and what drove his thoughts and actions, we need to dive into some of the events that occurred behind the scenes.

That’s what you will find in this book. The forces that were active during his lifetime and the pain within that drove him in the direction that it did. The heart and mind of Lincoln is woven into the foundation of America. What it means to be American is indelibly inked in the well of Lincoln’s values and ideals.

Lincoln was the original and quintessential self-made man who knew in the bottom of his heart that he was meant to do spectacular things in his life, yet nothing came easily to him and much was taken away from him. From the loss of his mother at a young age, to the loss of his son, and all the losses in between, drove him to severe bouts of depression and the brink of giving up on life. But each time he stepped to that proverbial edge, he managed to pull himself back and re-chart the course – a course that we are still traveling on today.

The life we live, the benefits we enjoy, the happiness we have would not be entirely possible without the contributions this man made. It is only fitting that we get to know him – that is the spirit in which this book is written.

Go ahead, get a copy, and get to know a man that has no parallel in history and no equal in stature.

Teddy Roosevelt

America has a soul, and that soul is named Theodore Roosevelt. The America we have today stands as a consequence of his policies. Our prominence is the direct result of his “people first” outlook. He is the reason we are who we are on the world’s stage.

This book is derived from the evidence of his own words and deciphered from his actions. It begins with his childhood and then quickly uncovers the major events that shaped his spirit and America’s soul. The premise of this book is to be the light that shines on his thoughts and words. It is to understand him so that we may understand America better.

Go ahead. Find out what crossed his mind and what animated his spirit. Reading about him here will bring a greater sense of appreciation for this land we call home. Roosevelt tells us to apply strenuous effort to make this country great. This book shows us how and why. It allows us to elevate our personal standards and emulate this great man.

This is not just a book that looks at the dates and places of a man’s life. It is a template for understanding why this country of ours is what it is and how a man who entered this world with such challenges challenged the status quo and won.

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