How To Help Children With Challenging Behaviors

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How To Help Children With Challenging Behaviors

How To Help Children With Challenging Behaviors
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A Guide to New Pathways for Solving Children's Behavior Challenges

What you'll learn:
You will learn what the foundation of behavioral change is.
You will learn the root cause of challenging behavior, it is not always what it seems.
You will learn 3 important goals when correcting challenging behaviors.
You will learn how brain science can help us reverse challenging behaviors.
You will learn how to regulate your whole classroom.
You will learn the actionable steps to take when a child's behavior has escalated.
You will learn tips to support children's self-regulation.

Desire to promote safety and connection with the children in their care.
Desire to boost your confidence in managing children's behavior challenges.

This course unlocks the neuroscience behind challenging behaviors!

You will begin to question the assumptions of behavior and what behavior communicates to us. Traditional "compliance or non-compliance" approaches ignore the idea that learning is state dependent.

In this course we look at challenging behaviors through the lens of survival behavior, or a survival state.

The more healthy relationships a child has, the less likely they will be in the survival state and more able to thrive. Relationships truly are the agents of change. This is why every educator constantly hears, "Build a relationship first!" It is imperative to moving the student out of the survival state into the open to learn, state. In this course, you will learn concrete steps to support children's need for relational safety as the groundwork for solving children's behavior challenges and move children into the learning state.

You will also learn a step-by-step approach to de-escalating an escalated child.

This easy to follow approach gives you the confidence you need to help a child who's behavior has escalated. At the same time, builds trust with the student while being their "safe keeper."

As a bonus, I have detailed three goals every educator needs to know when correcting challenging behaviors and you will learn the most over-looked strategy when helping children learn to self-regulate. It is probably not what you think.

Included in this course are multiple, yet simple and effective tips to help children and whole classrooms regulate their behavior, all based in neuroscience.

This course is an essential tool for any educator or care-giver wanting to understand behavior and move children into a positive life trajectory!

Let's shift our view about challenging behaviors and help our most vulnerable students!

Who this course is for
School Administrators
Childcare Educators
Parents too!