How to Manage Maintenance, 2nd edition

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How to Manage Maintenance, 2nd edition

American Management Association - Self Training Course
Edward Hartmann, Donald J. Knapp | How to Manage Maintenance, 2nd edition | PDF | 3.5 mb

How to Manage Maintenance focuses on the important role maintenance and maintenance management play in determining how productive and profitable a company can be. You’ll learn the vital aspects of maintenance-organizational structure, the maintenance budget, control systems, inventory, maintenance support programs, planning and scheduling, training, and Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS). Forty-seven charts, diagrams, tables, graphs, and forms reinforce, and clarify the text.

Learn how to

* Bring leadership and proven management techniques to the maintenance manager's role.
* Reduce maintenance backlog, control costs, reduce maintenance inventory and stockouts.
* Increase maintenance productivity, establish preventive programs, assure the vitality of the plant's equipment, extend equipment uptime, and improve customer satisfaction.
* Motivate the workforce, and wisely use available information resources
* Develop an appropriate maintenance budget which makes allowances for unforeseen emergencies.
* Install a Computerized Maintenance Management System to increase scheduling efficiency and productivity.