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Indian Culinary World - Master The Art Of Indian Cooking

Posted By: ELK1nG
Indian Culinary World - Master The Art Of Indian Cooking

Indian Culinary World - Master The Art Of Indian Cooking
Last updated 1/2020
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Secrets of cooking delicious Indian food, from SizzlingPots - join 8000+ students in 125 countries in this masterclass!

What you'll learn
Master the art of Indian cooking- our comprehensive Foundation course has all the basics you need plus more
Our unique method of cooking patterns lets you make hundreds of delicious Indian dishes by learning just 9 repeatable "cooking patterns"
Step by step video recipes included ! Make the 25 top restaurant favorite Indian dishes with step by step, detailed recipes based on my cooking patterns
Over 8000 students in 125 countries all over the globe are perfecting the art of making Indian food with this proven and fun way to cook
Indian cooking basics - learn how to cook like an expert in just a few steps with our step by step method !
Express your culinary creativity and amaze yourself and your loved ones!
Learn the secrets of spices and techniques such as tempering and browning, and many more
Confidently create new dishes on your own, once you master these basics with this proven course
All you need is a kitchen for cooking up your curries and having a fantastic time learning to cook Indian food
Hi, welcome to my course on Indian cooking . Love Indian food? Want to make flavorful Indian curries? Then join me in 60 exciting episodes from SizzlingPots Indian Culinary World, and I will prove, that it is not hard to cook Indian food.I will teach you how to make delicious dishes in your own kitchen and at your own pace. If you are a beginner, then I will show you how to master Indian cooking. If you’re an expert cook, the techniques and methods I have shown here will let you cook smarter, faster, and healthier. Step by step I will take you through the art of Indian cooking- you will learn about the top spices and herbs that flavor Indian food and techniques like tempering that show how and when to use these ingredients. That's just the beginning… My unique method of Cooking Patterns will teach you how to make hundreds of tasty creations by following just 9 repeatable patterns. And finally, you will see these patterns in action, as you learn the top 25 restaurant favorite recipes based on these patterns. In no time, you will enter a fascinating world with you as the star.Sounds interesting? There’s more. I will teach you about the cookware that you will need for cooking Indian food and their replacements. Confused on where to begin? We have it covered with videos that will get you started right away and guide you on stocking up your pantry with essential items. Too many spices to remember? Just learn the magic of five popular Indian spices that impart flavor and taste to Indian cooking.No more searching the Internet for recipes - now you can create your own unique dishes! Join us at SizzlingPots Indian Culinary World and become certified as an expert in Indian Cooking ! 8000+ students in 125+ countries all around the world are creating their own amazing culinary journey with this proven course.. join us now !!


Section 1: Indian Culinary World - Just an Introduction Section

Lecture 1 About me - A quick hello

Lecture 2 Course outline

Lecture 3 Project - Your favorite Indian dish

Lecture 4 Cooking - Art or Science ?

Lecture 5 Indian Food - Cultural influences

Section 2: Getting Equipped - the Indian Kitchen layout

Lecture 6 Cookware and tools

Lecture 7 Project - Cookware & Tools

Lecture 8 Essential Spices - Top 5 spices

Lecture 9 Project - Essential Spices

Lecture 10 Continuing the journey with the Top 20 spices

Lecture 11 Stock up your pantry with these essentials

Lecture 12 Stocking up your refrigerator

Lecture 13 Project - Essential Ingredients

Section 3: How To's..

Lecture 14 How To's - Cutting Onions

Lecture 15 How to make Ginger Garlic Paste

Lecture 16 Project - Ginger-Garlic Paste

Lecture 17 Making Yoghurt (Curd) ("Dahi") at home

Lecture 18 Project - Homemade Yogurt

Lecture 19 Making Cottage Cheese ( Paneer) at home

Lecture 20 Making Garam Masala - an essential spice blend

Lecture 21 Project - Spice Blend ( Garam Masala)

Section 4: Essential Food techniques

Lecture 22 Technique of Browning Onions

Lecture 23 Tempering/ Tadka Technique

Lecture 24 Technique of making Plain rice/ Steamed rice

Lecture 25 Project - Essential Techniques

Lecture 26 Technique- Making Roti / Tortilla

Lecture 27 Technique -Making curries and masalas

Section 5: Cooking Patterns - 9 versatile patterns to make hundreds of dishes

Lecture 28 Cooking Patterns

Lecture 29 Basic Raita Pattern

Lecture 30 Project/Assignment - Raita / Salad Pattern

Lecture 31 Basic Pickle Pattern

Lecture 32 Project/Assignment - Pickle Pattern

Lecture 33 Basic Daal pattern

Lecture 34 Project/Assignment- Daal Pattern

Lecture 35 South Indian rice dishes pattern

Lecture 36 Project - Yogurt Rice

Lecture 37 Pulao/pilaf pattern

Lecture 38 Project/Assignment - Pilaf/Pulao Pattern

Lecture 39 Basic vegetable "Sabzi" pattern

Lecture 40 Project /Assignment - Vegetable Sabzi Pattern

Lecture 41 Basic Red (onion and tomato) Gravy Dish pattern

Lecture 42 Project/Assignment - Red Gravy Pattern

Lecture 43 Basic Kadhai gravy dish pattern

Lecture 44 Project/Assignment - Kadhai Pattern

Lecture 45 Chicken Tikka Masala/ Makhni gravy dish pattern

Lecture 46 Project/Assignment - Makhani Pattern

Section 6: 25 top Indian Recipes - Restaurant favorites based on Cooking Patterns

Lecture 47 From Patterns to Recipes

Lecture 48 Recipe - Mango Pickle

Lecture 49 Recipe- Carrot & Radish Pickle

Lecture 50 Recipe Mung bean Yogurt Raita/Salad

Lecture 51 Recipe Spinach Yogurt Salad / Raita

Lecture 52 Recipe Beetroot Yoghurt Salad / Raita

Lecture 53 Recipe Yogurt Rice

Lecture 54 Recipe Lemon Rice

Lecture 55 Recipe Tamarind Rice

Lecture 56 Recipe Vegetable Pulao/ Pilaf

Lecture 57 Recipe Shrimp Pilaf

Lecture 58 Recipe Toor Tadka Daal

Lecture 59 Recipe Mung Daal

Lecture 60 Recipe Masoor Daal

Lecture 61 Recipe Alu Masala

Lecture 62 Recipe Alu Gobi Masala

Lecture 63 Recipe Alu Palak

Lecture 64 Recipe Bhindi Masala

Lecture 65 Recipe - Chole / Chick Peas Masala

Lecture 66 Recipe Rajma ( Red Kidney beans) Masala

Lecture 67 Recipe egg curry

Lecture 68 Recipe Mutton Masala

Lecture 69 Recipe - Kadhai Paneer ( Cottage Cheese)

Lecture 70 Recipe - Kadhai Chicken

Lecture 71 Recipe - Paneer Makhani or Butter Paneer

Lecture 72 Recipe - Chicken Tikka Masala/ ( Chicken Makhani )

Section 7: Recipes that dont fit a pattern

Lecture 73 Recipes that don't fit a pattern

Lecture 74 Recipe - Palak Paneer

Lecture 75 Modak’, an Indian dessert dumpling

Section 8: Continuing your culinary journey - next steps

Lecture 76 Great dishes are made in food heaven - what works well together

Lecture 77 Advanced Patterns - a preview

Lecture 78 Till we meet again

Anyone interested in cooking Indian food, this course has valuable content for beginners as well as experts