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Instant Healing Hypnosis: Blueprint Of Healing Any Pain

Posted By: ELK1nG
Instant Healing Hypnosis: Blueprint Of Healing Any Pain

Instant Healing Hypnosis: Blueprint Of Healing Any Pain
Published 1/2023
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Secret Occult Techniques of Instant Healing Hypnosis to Heal or Change Any Neurological State in 2 to 3 Minutes.

What you'll learn

Instant Healing Hypnosis For Any Pain

Instant Transformation By Hypnosis

Instant Change of Mindset

Instant Change of Subconscious Mind

Instant Removal of Negative Energy

Instant Boost of Positive Energy

Instantly Boost Any Emotions or Trait

Instantly Enhance Any Skill You Want


An open mind to practice

Ability to try the method to believe in its potential


Hey there buddy!Are you struggling with any psychological disorder, depression, anxiety, mental or physical pain? Do you want to transform your life? Do you want to learn Instant Healing Hypnosis? Are you ready to do it? Then you are at the right place.About The Course:This course is designed to help you learn Instant Healing Hypnosis to Heal or Transform yourself in 2 to 3 minutes. The course is a combination of Hypnotherapy Methods, Occult Science Practices, Neuro Modulation, Subconscious Mapping and Spiritual Science. The course contains the blueprint to instant transformation using Instant Hypnosis Techniques that will help you transform your life and of others around you. The course is a product of years of research into different scientific studies and is designed to give you the practices that work instantly. Unlike the title of the course Instant Healing Hypnosis, the course will actually teach you Instant Transformation Hypnosis to gain complete command of your subconscious mind.By the end of this course, you will be able to instantly heal or change your subconscious mind within 2 to 3 minutes using my techniques. Instant Healing Hypnosis will teach you how to completely gain control of your subconscious mind and neurology to make any changes you desire in few minutes.About Me:With experiences in life and gaining wisdom from various studies in neuro linguistic programming, human psychology, hypnotherapy, spiritual science, occult practices, life coaching practices & relationship science, I have a successful track record of coaching over 600+ clients globally. I am a Certified NLP Trainer, Hypnotherapist, Life Coach & Relationship Counselor.The Course Will Help You Master:1. Removing Emotional & Physical Pain2. Dealing with Psychological Disorders3. Getting over your EX4. Finding clarity in life choices5. Removing negative thought patterns6. Helping you build a New Better Version of You7. Ending toxic behaviors8. Helping you understand your mind map & providing intervention techniques9. Finding peace of mind through Instant Healing Hypnosis10. Provide you with mind hacks to boost your performance11. Psychologically program you with whatever you desire12. Provide you mental hacks to deal with tough situations


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 What is Healing?

Lecture 3 Understanding Fundamentals of Neurology

Lecture 4 The Science of Pain, Trauma & Fear

Lecture 5 Understanding Physical & Emotional Pain

Lecture 6 How Subconscious Mind Stores Pain, Trauma & Fear

Lecture 7 Considerations Before Removing Pain

Lecture 8 Rules To Follow

Section 2: Instant Healing Hypnosis: Image Removal Therapy (IRT)

Lecture 9 Image Removal Therapy Introduction

Lecture 10 Step 1: Establishing the Baseline

Lecture 11 Step 2: Locating The Pain

Lecture 12 Step 3: Identifying The Image

Lecture 13 Step 4: Holding The Image

Lecture 14 Step 5: Making Changes To The Image

Lecture 15 Step 6: Learning The Lesson

Lecture 16 Step 7: Removing The Image

Lecture 17 Step 8: Checking The Change

Lecture 18 Demonstration: Image Removal Therapy

Section 3: Instant Healing Hypnosis: Energy Spinning Therapy (EST)

Lecture 19 Energy Spinning Therapy Introduction

Lecture 20 Step 1: Establishing The Baseline

Lecture 21 Step 2: Locating The Pain

Lecture 22 Step 3: Pulling Out The Energy

Lecture 23 Step 4: Holding The Energy

Lecture 24 Step 5: Reversing The Energy

Lecture 25 Step 6: Reinstalling The Energy

Lecture 26 Step 7: Checking The Change

Lecture 27 Demonstration: Energy Spinning Therapy

Section 4: Instant Healing Hypnosis: Advanced Application

Lecture 28 Amplifying Traits, Emotions or Skills

Lecture 29 Changing Reality (Law of Attraction & Creating Positive Energy)

Lecture 30 Spiritual Significance: Manipulating CHAKRAS

Lecture 31 What's Next?

Anyone Who Wants To Master The Art Controlling Their Subconscious Mind The Way They Desire