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A Job Seeker'S Crash Course

Posted By: ELK1nG
A Job Seeker'S Crash Course

A Job Seeker'S Crash Course
Published 11/2023
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Language: English | Size: 3.11 GB | Duration: 2h 27m

Everything you need to know to be THE BEST job seeker - taught by an HR expert.

What you'll learn

Create compelling written materials (resumes, cover letters, letters of recommendation) for job applications

Strategically navigate, browse, and use job boards

Learn to craft a professional presence on both traditionally work-related social media and on personal profiles.

Network at local events, chambers of commerce, alumni events, and related groups.

Determine signs of employer-employee fit during the recruitment and interviewing process

Prepare for an interview with appropriate attire and materials

Respond to behavioral and situational interview questions with appropriate, clear, and specific responses

Follow up in a timely and professional manner after the interview

Process positive and negative emotions after rejection and create strategies to constructively move forward after receiving a declination

Negotiate the monetary and nonmonetary compensation associated with a job to create a mutually beneficial relationship between yourself and the employer.


No requirements but an eagerness to learn!


Are you tired of applying for dozens of positions and hearing nothing back? Are you nervous that your resume isn't a strong representation of you, or that you don't know how to interview well? Do you ever wonder how you can negotiate your job offer and the salary, benefits, or work environment? Are you unsure of how to follow up appropriately after different interactions or interviews you have with potential employers? We dive into these topics and more in this course, taught by Dawn Sipley, an HR expert with 20 years of industry experience, 12 of those spent in staffing and hiring. After helping hundreds of companies hire thousands of employees, Dawn is an expert in what it takes to be the best job seeker and land the job of your dreams. This course will cover: Section 1: Resumes, Cover Letters, and Letters of RecommendationSection 2: Navigating Job BoardsSection 3: Leveraging Social MediaSection 4: Networking - Get Off the Screen!Section 5: Employer-Employee FitSection 6: Before, During and After the Interview (Part 1)Section 7:  Before, During and After the Interview (Part 2) Section 8: Handling RejectionSection 9: The Art of NegotiationWithin the course, you will have access to handouts and slides, such as cover letter templates, lists of job boards and job seeker groups, and resume writing help guides.


Section 1: Resumes, Cover Letters, and Letters of Recommendation

Lecture 1 Resume Writing: The Basics

Lecture 2 Resume Writing: Telling Your Story

Lecture 3 Cover Letters

Lecture 4 Letters of Recommendation

Lecture 5 Editing and Proofreading Resources

Section 2: Navigating Job Boards

Lecture 6 The Employer vs. Job Seeker View

Lecture 7 Where to Find Job Boards

Lecture 8 Starting to Apply: Search with Intention and Follow Up

Section 3: Leveraging Social Media

Lecture 9 Optimizing LinkedIn

Lecture 10 Using Personal Social Media

Section 4: Networking: Get off the Screen!

Lecture 11 Chambers of Commerce

Lecture 12 Attending Job Fairs

Lecture 13 Your School or University

Lecture 14 Volunteering and Professional Organizations

Section 5: Employer-Employee Fit

Lecture 15 Knowing Your Priorities

Lecture 16 Employer Green Flags

Lecture 17 Employer Red Flags

Lecture 18 Questions to Ask at the Interview

Section 6: Before, During and After the Interview (Part 1)

Lecture 19 Attire

Lecture 20 Interview Process Overview

Section 7: Before, During, and After the Interview (Part 2)

Lecture 21 Answering Questions

Lecture 22 Asking Questions

Lecture 23 Following Up After the Interview

Section 8: Handling Rejection

Lecture 24 Common Emotions to Feel

Lecture 25 Responding to Rejection

Section 9: The Art of Negotiation

Lecture 26 Starting to Negotiate

Lecture 27 Types of Compensation

Lecture 28 Additional Considerations

Job Seekers who want to streamline their search to find their dream job.