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Ayurvedic Living In The Modern World

Posted By: ELK1nG
Ayurvedic Living In The Modern World

Ayurvedic Living In The Modern World
Published 8/2023
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Discover and apply a new perspective on balanced lifestyle inspired through ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and Yoga.

What you'll learn

What is Ayurveda and key principles of Ayurvedic Living for a balanced life

Self-Understanding through Ayurvedic Doshas (Elements)

3 Main Doshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) and the 7 dosha combinations

How to understand yourself through Ayurvedic Gunas (Qualities)

3 Gunas (Rajas, Sattva and Tamas) and why is it important to live a Sattvic life

Understanding the 6 stages of diseases as per Ayurveda

Understanding Prana or Life force and Ojas or Vitality

Use of herbs, spices, oils and a secret magic Ayurvedic recipe

How to improve digestion and immunity through natural and holistic solutions

How to tone your body and train your mind to become healthy and stress free

Personalised Breath-work (Pranayama) and Yoga as per your Dosha

How to use Natural Solutions to Train your Mind

How to Eat Mindfully: Upaypga Samstha

Journalling exercise to promote Sattvic Mindset

Guided Ayurvedic Self Massage Abhyanga using Marmas (energy points)

Cyclic Living and aligning with nature

Understanding Daily (Dincharya), Monthly (Chandra Cycle) and Seasonal (Ritucharya) Cycles

Learn a secret morning ritual to be energised everyday

Learn a secret evening ritual to sleep better

Learn how to achieve a balanced state and lead a blissful and content life


Interest in improving lifestyle to lead a more balanced life

Interest in natural and holistic solutions

Interest in Ayurveda


The Ayurvedic Living in the Modern World course is designed for anyone interested in leading a more healthy lifestyle and finding balance. My name is Yamini Naik and I am a Ayurveda Health Coach, Yoga Teacher and creator of La Vie Sattvic. Through my La vie Sattvic methodology, I try to help you understand and apply Ayurvedic and Yogic principles to your life in the modern world. What is unique about this course is that it will help you, irrespective of your nationality, gender or age understand yourself better and identify imbalances in yourself before they actually manifest as health problems. Yes you can improve your lifestyle and habits to lead a balanced, disease-free and stress-free life.In this course, we will learn how to use natural solutions and lifestyle hacks to treat your gut, train your mind and tone your body.We will discover the importance of spices in our diet and be mindful about our eating habits. We will also do Yoga & meditation classes together that match your Dosha type and lifestyle! And finally we will learn how to embrace the healing power of nature and restore your well being holistically through cyclic living. All my videos are short, to the point, fun and easy to understand! I have also created downloadable articles, quizzes and supporting videos on my YouTube channel to deepen your knowledge. So dont wait and join this Ayurvedic Lifestyle in the Modern world course now and begin your journey to a more Balanced or Sattvic life.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction to Course

Lecture 2 Introduction to Instructor - Yamini naik

Lecture 3 What is Ayurveda?

Section 2: Self-Understanding through Ayurvedic Perspective

Lecture 4 Part 1: A. Understanding yourself through Ayurvedic Doshas

Lecture 5 Part 1: B. VATA Dosha

Lecture 6 Part 1: C. PITTA Dosha

Lecture 7 Part 1: D. KAPHA Dosha

Lecture 8 Part 1: E. Ayurvedic Doshas All 7 Combinations

Lecture 9 Part 1: F. Understanding yourself through GUNAS

Section 3: Treat your Gut, Tone Your Body and Train your Mind

Lecture 10 Part 2: B. State of Balance through Prana and Ojas

Lecture 11 Part 2: A. Stages of Disease as per Ayurveda

Lecture 12 Part 2. C. Treat Your Gut through Herbal Teas

Lecture 13 Part 2. D. Treat Your Gut through Spices, Oils, Pranayama and a Secret recipe

Lecture 14 Part 2: E. Tone your Body

Lecture 15 Part 2: F: Yoga for VATA Dosha

Lecture 16 Part 2: G. Yoga for PITTA Dosha

Lecture 17 Part 2: H. Yoga for KAPHA Dosha

Lecture 18 Part 2: I. The true purpose of Yoga practice

Lecture 19 Part 2: J. Train your Mind

Lecture 20 Part 2: K. Learn to Eat Mindfully or Upaypga Samstha

Lecture 21 Part 2: L. Journalling activity for Sattvic Mindset

Lecture 22 Part 2: M. Learn Ayurvedic Self Massage through Marmas (energy points)

Section 4: Cyclic Living

Lecture 23 Part 3: A. Understanding Cyclic Living

Lecture 24 Part 3: B. The Breath Cycle and learning abdominal breathing or yogic pranayama

Lecture 25 Part 3: C. The Sun cycle or Dincharya

Lecture 26 Part 3: D. The Moon or Chandra Cycle

Lecture 27 Part 3: E. The Seasonal cycle Ritucharya

Section 5: Conclusion

Lecture 28 Course Conclusion: Achieving a Balanced State

Anyone who has interest in Ayurveda and understanding Ayurvedic Lifestyle,Anyone who is looking to improve their lifestyle and lead a more healthy and balanced life,Anyone who is looking to learn Ayurveda,Anyone who is looking to improve their life through natural and holistic solutions,Anyone who is interested in cyclic living