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Foundations Of Entrepreneurship For Engineers

Posted By: ELK1nG
Foundations Of Entrepreneurship For Engineers

Foundations Of Entrepreneurship For Engineers
Published 4/2023
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Volume One: From Raw Idea to Focused Action

What you'll learn

The stuff every engineering school should teach.

Brutally honest and crystal clear teaching about business mindset to engineers

Engineer helping engineers become entrepreneurs since 2012

Career upgrade from engineer to manager, owner, CEO

Practical, candid, insightful advise for anyone interested in building business

Turn ideas and passion to products, sales, and companies

Power ideas and investment secrets


An open mind, passion, and curiosity about life, leadership and impact.


This class teaches engineers essential business, so you can one day build your own business instead of just helping others build theirs.Good engineers are rare in any societies.  It would be amazing if they could all build their own business and make their impacts.  Sadly, this is not the case.   Engineering schools curricula teach no business or business sense.  This course teaches engineers to become effective entrepreneurs and understand the logic of business.  When engineers only know engineering, their career potentials will be undermined.  The course is given by Dr. Chang Liu, an engineer with a PhD degree in engineering from the California Institute of Technology.  The teacher has been a tenured professor, an industry engineer insider, and startup CEO.  He will discuss various aspects of entrepreneurship with a straight clarity.  He teaches passionately from direct personal experience and success. The topics cover product making, product marketing, investor relations, and power idea moves veterans use to attract big investments.  This book is written holistically.  It is made by an engineer to millions of future engineers.  Come join us, and change your life. With this course, you will become leaders, managers, founders instead of just an engineer employee working for someone all your life.I offer this class to focus on three key points:1. Don't leave your day job unless you are prepared.2. How to prepare yourself beyond formal education.3. The right path to take control of your life and get ahead of other smart people.Survival business essentials for engineers. Want your idea to get investment? want your startup to have better chance? what are the real crux to beat the odds and make money?Steps to startup and get funding. Straight honesty and clarity compared to chicken soup. Mindset adjustment.  It is a sad truth that engineering schools never teach business, and at best do dry ppt assignments for "entrepreneurship" and "innovation".  All engineers can be great entrepreneurs - the mission of this book is to teach the hidden secret and give you the key.  This unique course contains carefully crafted lessons from an entrepreneur was was a nerdy engineer - this course is not a get rich quick chicken soup - it is clear, honest, and deeply insightful.This is a business class for engineers and coders.  Engineers are passionate and smart.  However, most engineers don't know business and some have not even worked for any for profit companies yet.  This is a guide for school smart engineers to translate your inventive imagination to real money and impact.Engineers can have a great career but most do not realize it.  They become stuck as engineers or in engineering professions for ever.  This is because the right concepts were never taught in engineering schools early.  This is the missing course all engineering schools should have taught.Great engineer entrepreneurs like Elon Musk, Thomas Edison and Steve Jobs are not the role model for engineers, just like Michael Jordan is not the model for inner city children.  They are the exceptions, not rules.  But we also misunderstood them by societal media.  Most engineers know too little about the real game.Engineering is knowledge.  Business is dark knowledge.  Harness random creativity to focused impact.Chang Liu has a PhD degree from Caltech and is a Fellow of the IEEE.  He was an engineer professor with many inventions and participated in advanced research programs.  In order to find the truth about entrepreneurship initiatives, he joined the industry and become an entrepreneur.  What he learned outside of academic surprised him - it was a totally eye opening experience.  He wore many hats and quickly gained experiences in management, business building, product making, marketing, and investment.Engineer Entrepreneur Guide Book–-Business is not common.  Unfortunately this misconception is stuck for life for many.Entrepreneur is not a boss.  When you can pay for everyone who works for you, you are the boss.Running business is not starting one.  MBA students can not be entrepreneurs either.Business is not driven by ideas alone.  It is the realization of ideas that is hard.To elevate your skills to product making takes tremendous team work.Making a product is only the start of business.  Selling anything is 10 times harder.Business building, even the simplest ones, takes a life time to practice and prepare.Most engineers waste all the time thinking about the perfect biggest idea, and never commit to boots on the ground practicing.The world does not need new offerings, no matter how wonderful.  Most engineers spend too much time guessing what others may want or need.  This is wrong.  On the other hand, you the engineer must know what people demand and cater.No matter how great the idea is and may sound, your business is only your business.  You fund it, build it, test it, and grow it.  Everyone else is busy doing their plans.Innovation is not making new things.  Innovation is making old things new.In every little branch of society is tremendous amount of money to be made.  You must commit to deep dive.Business is not mind, it is a mindset.  This mindset can only be taught by yourself.  This is what Musk, Jobs and Gates had.  They are mistaken as smart students, but that is not why they are they.  Most smart students don't become them.Even ordinary business success is epic.  However, we ignore them.–-Business is not easy and not common.  Business is not glamorous.Business is not greedy.Business is not for money.  People who make money from business are actually rare.  Most people just make a living.–-Anyone can become Elon Musk by mastering five different thinking. Let’s talk about the five mind tricks of Elon Musk, so you know how you can become one yourself.The key to become Elon Musk is not smart. Elon Musk think not smarter, but differently.Many people admire entrepreneurs like Elon Musk. However, most people do not know that everyone can become Elon Musk. The difference between Elon Musk and ordinary people are laughably small.The five things that can makes a Elon Musk out of everyone are summarized here.1. Don’t over think.2. Start doing and making.3. Do a big idea, not a cute idea.4. Start young.5. Be patient.Most people think and never execute. They typically do the following:1. They want to have a perfect idea.2. They want to have a unique different idea. They want to do something no one has done.The mistake is a faulty logic. Most people think that smart thinking will generate funding, and funding will make them become a boss, and they can make employees do the work they don’t know how to do. I hope you can see why this is wrong.Most people never start to make what they think. They never turn an idea into a tangible product. Mostly it is because making a product involves a lot of work. This is the test to differentiate a pretender from a real entrepreneur.This is perhaps related to the first mistake, where people believe a better idea will help them avoid doing the physical work. Like the John Lennon song, life is what happens when you are busy making plans.


Section 1: Introduction: Challenges for smart engineers

Lecture 1 About this class

Lecture 2 Introduction and course plan

Lecture 3 Are entrepreneurs born or made?

Lecture 4 Unique challenges facing smart engineers

Lecture 5 Get past these noise about entrepreneurship

Lecture 6 Get past these fantasy about entrepreneurship

Lecture 7 Don't quit your day job - entrepreneurship is super uncomfortable learning

Lecture 8 If so many startups fail, why people still startup?

Lecture 9 How do I succeed on the get go? how to avoid mistakes?

Lecture 10 My story - a long journey of an engineer in business

Section 2: Real entrepreneurship process and life cycle - Broad stroke essential

Lecture 11 Steps: how to be a great engineer entrepreneur like Elon Musk or Steve Jobs?

Lecture 12 Entrepreneurship is a business concept, not wishing, guess, and dream

Lecture 13 Steps: how to stop thinking and start?

Lecture 14 Steps: how to make profits from idea?

Lecture 15 Stages of business development

Lecture 16 Startup steps and why it takes time and patience even for super smart people

Lecture 17 Startup choices - select carefully but pick only one. And anyone.

Lecture 18 Entreprenneur is super deep dive and specialization

Lecture 19 Take risk, don't take chance

Section 3: Real execution essentials - no one will help or rescue you

Lecture 20 How on earth on startup founders fail? why it is necessary and a must

Lecture 21 Wearing seven hats

Lecture 22 Making products

Lecture 23 Getting investments is CEO full time job

Lecture 24 Confirm customers really buy

Lecture 25 Control cost aggressively

Lecture 26 Building your selling system

Lecture 27 Build barriers

Lecture 28 Organization building and running

Section 4: No shortcuts. Making relation to give benefits - it is all work, like marriage

Lecture 29 Relation with early stage investor

Lecture 30 Relation with late stage investor

Lecture 31 Relation with customer - benefits and dedication

Lecture 32 How products are sold - market, store, conversion, patience

Lecture 33 Relation with co founder

Lecture 34 Relation with supply chain and ecosystem

Lecture 35 Relation with competitor and imitators

Lecture 36 The growth and self education of yourself

Lecture 37 Start early to build trusted relations with benefit exchange

Section 5: Business plan - not just planning, but scheming

Lecture 38 All business have same logic - essential components of business

Lecture 39 Business method and business model

Lecture 40 Why you must plan when plans never work

Lecture 41 Target precisely, offer unlimited benefits and low price

Lecture 42 Design the exit before you start

Section 6: Power idea moves for entrepreneur

Lecture 43 Why better ideas may not become business

Lecture 44 Power move 1: Do only big things

Lecture 45 Power move 2: Only propose disruptions

Lecture 46 Power move 3: Build an acquisition target

Lecture 47 Power move 4: Automate business

Lecture 48 Power move 5: Appeal to the eyes

Lecture 49 Power move 6: Spread to more people

Section 7: Conclusions

Lecture 50 The most overrated: smarts, idea, passion, do good, and solve problems.

Lecture 51 Start with what you have, today

Lecture 52 Vision without exhaustion is hallucination

Section 8: Appendix: Resources

Lecture 53 List of movies and books about entrepreneurhip

Lecture 54 Elon Musk's mindset elements

Section 9: Appendix: Tips for all ages

Lecture 55 Computer science major

Lecture 56 Engineering college students

Lecture 57 45 year olds

Lecture 58 Engineering professors

Section 10: Appendix: Entrepreneur math, inner logic and formula

Lecture 59 Only big business makes profit

Lecture 60 Volume: Profit, price, cost

Lecture 61 Money, Investment, and Profit

Lecture 62 Buy, make, and sell - that is all there is to business

Lecture 63 Funnel, convertion, and marketing cost

Lecture 64 What is value? how to make it?

Lecture 65 Long term profits, growth and soft skills

Lecture 66 Ceiling and Pivot

Section 11: Appendix: Career planning and shortcuts.

Lecture 67 Startup vs. Regular Employee - living three lives in one

Lecture 68 Comfort zone, school, and T shaped knowledge

Lecture 69 Manager, founder, owner, CEO, boss, leader - distinctions

Lecture 70 MBAs, CEOs and bosses are not entrepreneurs

Section 12: Appendix: Brute truth about business for engineers

Lecture 71 Business is rigged survival game

Lecture 72 Business is designed after you start

Lecture 73 Why business always fight on the knife edge?

Lecture 74 Every market is a buyer's market

Lecture 75 Business is about demand today, not about needs tomorrow

Lecture 76 Every business must last a life

Lecture 77 Why so many divorce from big boss?

Section 13: Appendix: Startup lexicon

Lecture 78 Why humbleness matter?

Lecture 79 Distribution, traction (track), snowball and efficiency

Lecture 80 What is luck, opportunity, and chance?

Section 14: Appendix: Case Studies

Lecture 81 Self made women engineers

Section 15: Appendix: Analogies collection

Lecture 82 The river analogy: twisted

Lecture 83 Business building is like free style LEGO

Section 16: Extra extended documentary

Lecture 84 Investor's secret check list

Lecture 85 Infinite details at the bottom - details count

Engineering students, coders, CS majors,Practicing engineers in corporate world