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Fully Accredited - Certification In Holistic Pain Management

Posted By: ELK1nG
Fully Accredited - Certification In Holistic Pain Management

Fully Accredited - Certification In Holistic Pain Management
Published 5/2023
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Become Professional Holistic Pain Management Specialist | Practice holistic health and manage acute and chronic pain.

What you'll learn

Introduction, types, and mechanisms of pain.

All about the holistic approach to pain management.

Mind-body techniques for pain management

Diet and nutrition for pain management

Exercise, Physical Therapy, Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates, and Massage for pain management

Holistic management of chronic pain

Holistic management of fibromyalgia

Holistic management of headaches and migraines

Holistic management of arthritis and joint pain

Holistic management of neck pain

Holistic management of back pain

Holistic management of neuropathic pain

Holistic management of period pains

Holistic management of menopause

Holistic management of respiratory problems




This AIOTH, U.K.-accredited certification is designed to provide comprehensive knowledge and skills in holistic pain management. The course covers the latest techniques and practices in pain management.The programme begins with an overview of pain before delving into its various manifestations, perception of pain, and effects of stress on pain perception. The discussion then shifts to all-encompassing methods of pain treatment, such as methods for developing a good outlook, eating a diet low in inflammatory foods, staying hydrated, exercising, and receiving physical therapy.The programme also covers relaxation techniques, mindfulness, meditation, breathwork, herbal supplements, massage, and bodywork for pain treatment. Participants will gain knowledge about essential oils for pain alleviation, acupuncture, acupressure, chiropractic care, homoeopathy, naturopathy, and natural sleep aids.The programme also provides an overview of pain management support groups, psychotherapy, and counselling. Participants will investigate spiritual practises and how they help people deal with pain. The curriculum addresses the comprehensive treatment of chronic pain, fibromyalgia, headaches,The programme covers the following:Introduction to PainThe Holistic Approach to Pain ManagementStress and Pain PerceptionTechniques for Cultivating a Positive MindsetThe Anti-Inflammatory DietFoods to Avoid for Pain ReductionSupplements and Herbs for Pain ReliefHydration for Pain ManagementExercise for Pain ReliefYoga, Tai Chi, and Pilates for Pain ManagementPhysical Therapy and Rehabilitation for PainMassage and Bodywork Techniques for PainMindfulness and Meditation for PainMeditation Techniques for Pain ManagementMindfulness Techniques for Pain ManagementBreathwork and Relaxation Techniques for Pain ManagementSleep Hygiene and Restorative Rest for PainNatural Sleep Aids for Pain ReliefAcupuncture and Acupressure for Pain ReliefChiropractic Care for Pain ReliefHomeopathy and Naturopathy for Pain ReliefAromatherapy and Essential Oils for Pain ReliefBiofeedback and Neurofeedback for Pain ReliefCounseling and Psychotherapy for Pain ManagementSupport Groups and Peer Networks for Pain ManagementSpiritual Practices for Coping with PainChronic Pain – Holistic ManagementFibromyalgia – Holistic ManagementHeadaches and Migraines – Holistic ManagementArthritis and Joint Pain – Holistic ManagementNeck Pain – Holistic ManagementBack Pain – Holistic ManagementNeuropathic Pain – Holistic ManagementPeriod Pains – Holistic ManagementMenopause – Holistic ManagementRespiratory Problems – Holistic ManagementThis programme is accredited, and this Udemy course is recognized for certification by Virtued Academy International, an autonomous institute, under the Virtued Society, incorporated under the act 21, 1860 of the Government of U.P., India. Validity & Utility of the training is conditionally in conformity with the Constitution of India, and the laws of the land under Article 19 1 G. Virtued Academy International provides continuing education for individuals interested in self-development and students should contact the IAOTH, UK for registration/ accreditation and relevant local authorities for the scope of practice.


Section 1: Introduction to Holistic Pain Management

Lecture 1 Programme Overview

Lecture 2 Download Course Manual

Lecture 3 Introduction to Pain

Lecture 4 The Holistic Approach to Pain Management

Section 2: The Mind-Body Connection of Pain

Lecture 5 Stress and Pain Perception

Lecture 6 Techniques for Cultivating a Positive Mindset

Section 3: Nutrition and Pain Management

Lecture 7 The Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Lecture 8 Foods to Avoid for Pain Reduction

Lecture 9 Supplements and Herbs for Pain Relief

Lecture 10 Hydration for Pain Management

Section 4: Movement and Physical Therapies for Pain Management

Lecture 11 Exercise for Pain Relief

Lecture 12 Yoga, Tai Chi, and Pilates for Pain Management

Lecture 13 Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation for Pain

Lecture 14 Massage and Bodywork Techniques for Pain

Section 5: Mindfulness and Meditation for Pain Management

Lecture 15 Mindfulness and Meditation for Pain

Lecture 16 Meditation Techniques for Pain Management

Lecture 17 Mindfulness Techniques for Pain Management

Lecture 18 Breathwork and Relaxation Techniques for Pain Management

Section 6: Sleep and Pain Management

Lecture 19 Sleep Hygiene and Restorative Rest for Pain

Lecture 20 Natural Sleep Aids for Pain Relief

Section 7: Complementary and Alternative Therapies for Pain Management

Lecture 21 Acupuncture and Acupressure for Pain Relief

Lecture 22 Chiropractic Care for Pain Relief

Lecture 23 Homeopathy and Naturopathy for Pain Relief

Lecture 24 Aromatherapy and Essential Oils for Pain Relief

Lecture 25 Biofeedback and Neurofeedback for Pain Relief

Section 8: Emotional and Spiritual Support for Pain Management

Lecture 26 Counseling and Psychotherapy for Pain Management

Lecture 27 Support Groups and Peer Networks for Pain Management

Lecture 28 Spiritual Practices for Coping with Pain

Section 9: Specific Pain Conditions and Management

Lecture 29 Chronic Pain – Holistic Management

Lecture 30 Fibromyalgia – Holistic Management

Lecture 31 Headaches and Migraines – Holistic Management

Lecture 32 Arthritis and Joint Pain – Holistic Management

Lecture 33 Neck Pain – Holistic Management

Lecture 34 Back Pain – Holistic Management

Lecture 35 Neuropathic Pain – Holistic Management

Lecture 36 Period Pains – Holistic Management

Lecture 37 Menopause – Holistic Management

Lecture 38 Respiratory Problems – Holistic Management

Section 10: Getting Certified

Lecture 39 Getting Certified

Anyone who wants to learn about holistic pain management to help oneself and others.