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Mindfulness & Wellbeing 6-Week Course

Posted By: ELK1nG
Mindfulness & Wellbeing 6-Week Course

Mindfulness & Wellbeing 6-Week Course
Published 3/2024
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Learn what 'Mindfulness' really is, what it can do for you and how to bring it into your life.

What you'll learn

Understand what is meant by 'mindfulness' and how it can help us.

Learn why and how the breath is so important, and how we can harness it to improve our mindfulness practice.

Know the many advantages of using visualisation, and how to do so.

Learn many useful techniques to take advantage of in your mindfulness practice.

Know how to build on what you've learnt in this course, and keep it going for the long term.


No experience needed. You will learn everything you need to know.


'Mindfulness' has become a popular phrase in the last few years. Everyone knows how beneficial it is to our mental health and wellbeing. However, it can be confusing to know what mindfulness actually is and how it can help us…Do I need to sit down in a certain position?Do I need a special mindfulness cushion?Is it the same as meditation?We will answer all of these questions and more, as we break down what 'mindfulness' actually is, and how we can bring it into our busy schedules. This course is important for everyone as it adds crucial skills to assist us with our mental health & wellbeing. This course has been created using a 6-week format, however, it can be completed at a pace that suits you.In this course, we'll cover:Week 1: Introduction to Mindfulness - we look at what is meant by 'mindfulness' and how it can help us.Week 2: Understanding the Importance of our Breath - we look at why and how the breath is so important, and how we can harness it to improve our mindfulness practice.Week 3: The Benefits of Visualisation - we look at the many advantages to using visualisation within our practice.Week 4: Awareness & Labelling in Mindfulness - we look at two very useful techniques to take advantage of.Week 5: Loving Kindness in Mindfulness - we look at the benefits of this popular technique.Week 6: Body Scan & Bringing It All Together - we look at how we can use what we've learnt and build on it for the future.


Section 1: Week 1 - Introduction to Mindfulness

Lecture 1 What does ‘Mindfulness’ Mean?

Lecture 2 Why Should we Practice It?

Lecture 3 Getting Started with Mindfulness…

Lecture 4 Technique - Five Senses Practice

Lecture 5 Useful Apps

Section 2: Week 2 - Understanding the Importance of our Breath

Lecture 6 Why is Breathing so Important?

Lecture 7 How do You Breathe?

Lecture 8 How Should we be Breathing?

Lecture 9 Technique - Box Breathing

Lecture 10 Technique - Breath Control & Focus

Section 3: Week 3 - The Benefits of Visualisation

Lecture 11 What is Visualisation & Why Use It?

Lecture 12 What can Visualisation Help With?

Lecture 13 Technique - Colour Breathing

Lecture 14 How to do Colour Breathing

Lecture 15 Technique - Guided Imagery with Muscle Relaxation

Lecture 16 How to do Guided Imagery

Section 4: Week 4 - Awareness & Labelling in Mindfulness

Lecture 17 What is 'Awareness' in Mindfulness & What can It Help With?

Lecture 18 Technique - Awareness

Lecture 19 How to do the Awareness Technique

Lecture 20 What is ‘Labelling’ in Mindfulness?

Lecture 21 What can Labelling Help With?

Lecture 22 Technique - Labelling

Lecture 23 How to do the Labelling Technique

Section 5: Week 5 - Loving Kindness in Mindfulness

Lecture 24 What is ‘Loving Kindness’ in Mindfulness?

Lecture 25 What can ‘Loving Kindness’ Help With?

Lecture 26 Technique - Loving Kindness

Lecture 27 How to do the Loving Kindness Technique

Section 6: Week 6 - Body Scan & Bringing It All Together

Lecture 28 Why use ‘Body Scan’ in Mindfulness?

Lecture 29 What can Body Scan Help With?

Lecture 30 Technique - Body Scan

Lecture 31 How to do the Body Scan Technique

Lecture 32 What is Your Favourite Technique & Why?

Lecture 33 Technique - Bringing it all Together

Lecture 34 Remember the Positives, Long-Term Benefits & Key Points

Anyone interested in bringing mindfulness into their life.