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Pregnancy Yoga For 2Nd Trimester

Posted By: ELK1nG
Pregnancy Yoga For 2Nd Trimester

Pregnancy Yoga For 2Nd Trimester
Published 3/2024
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Start your Mindful pregnancy Journey

What you'll learn

Pregnancy yoga will bring a happy and successful journey

Pregnancy yoga will help to deliver a baby via naturally

Yoga will clam down a mother and maintain the mood swings

Yoga will helps to connect with unborn baby to the mother


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I am Bhoomi Jangid from Bharat. I completed my 500-hour YTTC, my area of expertise is teaching prenatal and postnatal yoga. Being both a mother and a yoga instructor. I developed this course to assist would-be mothers enjoy a healthy and successful pregnancy. I have included all of my real knowledge and experience from this journey. I believe it is every woman's freedom to make her journey more strong and attentive since we are the creators. We have the ability to design our own pregnancy journey. So let's get started. I'll be teaching you breathing exercises called pranayam and yoga poses in this course. Please feel free to practice yoga with me as this course is specifically designed for the 2nd trimester. You can perform breathing exercises every day and three days a week in addition to yoga asanas. or twice a day, you might engage in breathing exercises. During the 2nd trimester, these yoga poses will support you in managing exhaustion, mood changes, poor energy, and even sickness. You can begin these yoga exercises following your nt scan, which is scheduled for the 13th week, or you can speak with your doctor beforehand. Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions. I really appreciate it. Enjoy this lovely journey.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Pregnancy Yoga for 4th Month

Lecture 2 Monday Yogasana

Lecture 3 Wednesday Yogasna

Lecture 4 Friday Yogasan

Section 3: Pregnancy Yoga for 5th Month

Lecture 5 Monday Yogasan

Lecture 6 Wednesday Yogasan

Lecture 7 Friday Yogasan

Section 4: Pregnancy Yoga for 6th Month

Lecture 8 Monday Yogasan

Lecture 9 Wednesday Yogasan

Lecture 10 Friday Yogasan

Section 5: Pranayam (Breathing Exercise)

Lecture 11 Pranayam Part - 1

Lecture 12 Pranayam Part- 2

Lecture 13 Meditation

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