Murder at the Pumpkin by London Lovett

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Murder at the Pumpkin by London Lovett

Murder at the Pumpkin (Firefly Junction Cozy Mystery #12) by London Lovett
20 Sept 2021 | English | ePUB | ISBN: 1230004731665 | Pages: 199 | 960 KB | Retail

Sunni Taylor's sisters, through their power of sisterly persuasion, have convinced her to host a Halloween costume party at Cider Ridge Inn. She's a little reluctant about the whole event and rightly worried about the actual ghost, who will, no doubt, be in attendance, but she decides to just relax and enjoy it. Of course, you can't have a spooky Halloween party without toothy-grinned jack-o'-lanterns.

Sunni talks Jackson into spending their day off at a local pumpkin patch. The Riggle Family Farm is famous for its sprawling pumpkin patch and mind-boggling corn maize. Sunni and Jackson look forward to a day in the autumn breeze sipping cider, nibbling on candy corn and choosing the best pumpkins for the party. But when one of the Riggles is murdered, the day off turns into a murder investigation. And once again, Sunni has a front seat to the chaos.

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