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Learn Military Knife Combat Skills

Posted By: ELK1nG
Learn Military Knife Combat Skills

Learn Military Knife Combat Skills
Last updated 11/2021
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Language: English | Size: 9.28 GB | Duration: 7h 10m

The most COMPLETE and EFFICIENT self defense course for close combat using the KNIFE, designed for solo training.

What you'll learn
Basic and advance knife combat drills and techniques in close range distance.
Basic and advance knife combat throwing drills and techniques.
Knife Combat Mindset.
Techniques and special training drills to increase speed and precision.
Deployment of the knife( fix blade and folding).
Dangerous Concealed Carry.
Knife Throwing Ground Techniques.
Gun and Knife Transitions.
Hand to hand Combat and Knife Transitions.
Knives in Non-Permisive Environment.
Improvised Weapons Pens/Pencils
Deployment and Concealment of the knife without the potential aggressors to notice.
A real knife (can be a throwing knife, a fix blade or a folding knife )
A training knife( rubber, plastic)
An improvised target ( wood, death tree, or other )
The direct contact with various violent situations (in all its forms) along with my special military and tactical training  make me the perfect solution for you to learn the knowledge and techniques of being able to defend yourself in front of threatening situations.The insecurity spread national and international these days let me to this present project ''Military Knife Combat” Course.This project comes as a support for the civilians that have no access to technical and systematical training in modern combat tactics and self defense.The modern combat has changed a lot and now it's involving multiple aggressors and weapons, so to be able to protect your life, your family and the civilians around you need a more aggressive, brutal and efficient system, understanding that only empty hands are not enough. And I am talking about that situations in which you need to apply deadly force to protect yourself and your family( example: a terrorist attack, a kidnapping situation and so on)Because in many countries the laws regarding the civilians and the right to bare fire weapons are very strict, many times the only option as a weapon for defense in extreme life or death situation remain the knife.My purpose is to offer you the knowledge –practical and theoretical- that will definitely contribute to your survival in real violence case.Acknowledging the violence that surrounds us, we get to the understanding that in a real situation we need a certain efficient reaction in order to assure our safety. Our program offers special techniques, involving knife tactics, and all the needed instruments (mental and physical). We make our main purpose in adapting all the necessary military tactics to your specific needs.This course is designed for SOLO TRAINING, so you don't need a training partner.KNIFE fighting is an unique and modern blade system based on reality concepts learn and experience by our instructors in real situations. With many seminars and courses organized in different countries , teaching for military and civilian personnel , make us the right choice for you to learn knife and blade combat.This Knife Combat course is created in such a way that the participants will be able to learn in short time basic and advanced techniques with different kinds of blades. In my opinion knife is one of the best choice in close combat situations. Combat knife throwing is part of this course teachings and can be use in short distance from the target, for creating the time and space to deploy a secondary weapon or to evade.Why is happening in close distance?Because is very hard to hit a target that has unpredictable movements from a big distance.Combat Knife throwing is not spectacular, the goal is to be efficient.The Hollywood industry was creating a false idea about combat knife throwing. Of course that is existing the probability that the knife throw that you perform in close range can kill the target by the main function is to create the time and distance that you need to deploy the secondary weapon.For example imagine a scenario with multiple aggressors and one of them is coming to smash you the head with an metal baseball bat or maybe to stick the knife in you( put also that you are with your child or family).The most important thing is to be able to identify a potential threat, than to be fast enough to deploy your weapon in time, and after to be precise in your strike( this is applying also in fire weapons).Of course is depending also what laws you have in your state country, in many places fixe blades are illegal so we must adapt to other solutions like a folding knife.TCS CERTIFICATE of COMPLETION the courseYou will receive a Tactical Combat System Certificate of Completion recognizing your merits. 


Section 1: Combat Knife Course

Lecture 1 About me

Lecture 2 Knife Combat Intro

Lecture 3 Knife Combat Basic Drills Introduction 1

Lecture 4 Knife Combat Basic Drills Introduction 2

Lecture 5 Knife Combat Drills 1

Lecture 6 Knife Combat Drills 2

Lecture 7 Knife Combat Drills 3

Lecture 8 Knife Combat Drills 4

Lecture 9 Gun & Knife Transitions

Lecture 10 Drills to increase the speed and precision

Lecture 11 Drills to increase movement explosion

Lecture 12 Deployment of the weapon with one hand (strong and wick)

Lecture 13 Knife Deployment Techniques

Lecture 14 Dangerous Conceal Carry

Lecture 15 Dangerous Conceal Carry 2

Lecture 16 Deadly Striking Zones

Lecture 17 Undetectable Deployment and Concealment of the Knife

Lecture 18 Ground Knife Throwing Techniques

Lecture 19 Balisong- Butterfly Knife

Lecture 20 Questions and Answers

Lecture 21 Knives in non-permissive environments

Lecture 22 Improvised Weapons

Lecture 23 Improvised weapons Pens/Pencils

Lecture 24 Use of deadly force

Section 2: Certificate of Completion

Lecture 25 Certificate of Completion

All the people who acknowledge the violence in our society and they want to learn to protect themselves, their family or comunity.