Learning Bitwig Studio

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Learning Bitwig Studio

Learning Bitwig Studio
MP4 | Video: 720p | Duration: 3:48:52 | English | Subtitles: VTT | 1058.4 MB

In this course, Evan Sutton covers all of the most-important features of Bitwig Studio, the next-gen DAW designed specifically for electronic music, so you can take your ideas and turn them into epic recordings and live performances—fast. Evan helps you "shake hands" with the interface, use Bitwig's software instruments, record MIDI, get amazing sounds from raw audio, and use loops, effects, EQ, and compression to build clips into solid compositions. In the final chapter, Evan shows you how to create a performance system that rocks, using adapted pieces from your composition and external hardware controllers.

Topics include:
  • Setting up
  • Recording and overdubbing MIDI
  • Editing MIDI
  • Sampler and synth programming
  • Editing audio
  • Making songs out of loops
  • Adjusting volume and panning
  • Basic mix techniques using EQ and compression
  • Creating scenes for live performance