Learning Cubase Pro 8

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Learning Cubase Pro 8

Learning Cubase Pro 8
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Get up and running with Cubase, the venerable DAW that produces cutting-edge sounds. In this training course, Mark Struthers introduces the most essential features in Cubase Pro 8, including the templates, which allow you to fast track your song ideas, and the Project window, which helps keep your tracks and other assets organized. He also covers techniques for recording audio and MIDI, integrating virtual instruments and effects, and working with compositional aids such as chord tracks and chord pads. Plus, learn how to produce and export polished projects from the Mix Console. At the end of this course, you'll be able to fully integrate Cubase into your digital audio workflow.

Topics include:
  • Installing and connecting Cubase
  • Organizing assets and tracks
  • Recording audio and MIDI
  • Inserting effects
  • Quantizing and processing tracks
  • Integrating virtual instruments
  • Developing song ideas with chord pads
  • Using the Mix Console