Learning Headshot Photography

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Learning Headshot Photography

Learning Headshot Photography
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Making headshots for businesspeople can be fun and lucrative. In this course, instructor Levi Sim covers the essentials for making great business portraits, from lighting and camera choices to interacting with your subjects and helping them look their best in front of the camera. Levi explains how to find your unique style, select lenses that are flattering to your subjects, position your lights, and pick the right backdrop. He also shares tips for posing your subject for a headshot in a way that looks natural, and shows how to efficiently retouch headshot images.

Topics include:
  • Finding your style
  • Using flattering lenses
  • Using a tripod for portraiture
  • Flash vs. speedlight advantages
  • Light modifiers
  • Choosing your backdrop
  • Makeup and blotters
  • Lighting a headshot for a subject who wears eyeglasses