The Crimson Sword (Legend of Asahiel, Book 1)

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The Crimson Sword (Legend of Asahiel, Book 1)

Eldon Thompson ,"The Crimson Sword (Legend of Asahiel, Book 1)"
Publisher: Eos | 2006 | ISBN: 0060741511 | PDF | 720 pages | 2.11 MB

The Age of Man has begun. The "undesirable" creatures of legend have been driven from their lands, magic has been forsaken, the old gods reduced to myth. Now humans will rule the kingdoms of the island continent of Pentania. But they are not alone.

Alson's king has been assassinated, its capital besieged by a malevolent wizard. The chaos and terror now sweeping the land have come to the remote village of Diln – sending young Jarom far from his home to seek aid against the nefarious usurper. But a mysterious council has decreed Jarom must find one of the mythical Swords of Asahiel – the divine talismans the elven avatars used to forge the earth – in order to save a quarrelsome, fledgling humanity.