Logo Design: Visual Effects

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Logo Design: Visual Effects

Logo Design: Visual Effects
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Many times, a designer will have a concept for a logo, such as a bird in flight, but struggle with how to communicate that rather simple idea in a new and dynamic way. Bill Gardner, founder of LogoLounge, has been looking at, tracking, and writing about logo design styles for over thirty years. In this course he will walk members through six different visual effects that will help communicate your ideas more effectively. You'll learn how transparency can communicate a promise of clarity, how texture and light tell stories, and how three-dimensional shapes make your ideas almost touchable. Incorporate these effects into your designs and turn "nice" logos into ones that capture the hearts and imaginations of clients and their customers.

Topics include:
  • Exposing complexity with transparency
  • Find synergy in numbers
  • Creating the illusion of form
  • Applying personality with patterns
  • Creating a narrative with light and shadow
  • Using optical illusion to intrigue