Malcolm Waters - Daniel Bell (Key Sociologists)

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Malcolm Waters - Daniel Bell (Key Sociologists)
Malcolm Waters - Daniel Bell
(Key Sociologists)
Routledge | ISBN: 978 0415105774 | 02/02/1996 | English | 198 pages | PDF | 1 MB

Daniel Bell is perhaps the most famous sociologist of his generation. He has been hailed as the prophet of the emergence of a new society–the post-industrial society– and as one of the leading conservative critics of contemporary culture. Malcolm Waters presents a clear introduction to Bell's arguments and a critical appreciation of the strengths and weaknesses of his work. He draws mainly on the three books that have made Bell famous, The End of Ideology, The Coming of Postindustrial Society and The Cultural Contradictions of Capitalism, but Waters also covers lesser-known works on education and social forecasting. Daniel Bell is a thoroughly comprehensive account of the work of a key, albeit highly controversial, contemporary sociological figure.

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