Metal Detecting for beginners

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Metal Detecting for beginners

Metal Detecting for beginners: The complete Metal Detecting book for beginners and advanced illustrated Step by Step, on how to Research for Treasure Hunting! History, Features, Practice, Best models by John McDillon
English | January 23, 2020 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B083XVGYR4 | 140 pages | EPUB | 0.60 Mb

Go on a Metal Detecting Adventure and Find Hidden Treasures!

Would you like to uncover secret stashes of gold or long lost historical artifacts?

Are you looking for a fun, but potentially profitable hobby?
Look no further! Metal detecting is exhilarating, fun and can even bring you a considerable amount of money!

Large treasures hidden under your feet are not myths. There are people making their living only from uncovering caches full of some precious metal.
In this book, you’ll find everything you need to start this journey – from equipment and professional tips to a list of best treasure hunting locations.
This activity can also be fun and educational for your kids! Take them with you and uncover historical mysteries together!They’ll learn about history while being physically active and spending time in the fresh air and away from their computer!

Here’s what this book will teach you:
  • How metal detectors work and the history of their use
  • Eight must-have metal detecting tools with uses and descriptions of each one
  • Great places to go treasure hunting, from apparent to no-so-obvious ones
  • How to gear up and prepare yourself for this adventure
  • Legal and ethical codes of metal detecting
  • How to find objects on the beach with a list of countries whose law allows it
  • The best metal detectors for every budget
  • How to search for metal underwater and what equipment you’d need
  • A bunch of additional tips and tricks
  • And much more!
If you’re worried about the legality of this hobby – don’t be. Metal detecting is perfectly legal. However, with some historical finds, the law demands a certain course of action. This book will reveal to you how to act and what to do in those situations.

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