Metrology Handbook: Understanding the Basics of Metrology

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Metrology Handbook: Understanding the Basics of Metrology

Metrology Handbook: Understanding the Basics of Metrology by Rufus Stewart
English | January 16, 2021 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B08T48835Z | 391 pages | EPUB | 0.70 Mb

One of the basics of metrology is that in order to intelligently communicate about everything from construction and manufactured goods to illness diagnosis and scientific experiments; there must be a single way to measure quantities. Imagine if you were to discuss the length of an object you had machined and described it as “two feet, three and one-eighth inches.” Since metrology encompasses continuous measurements that are valid around the world, most people would understand what you are saying. But if there were no uniformity, one person’s “feet” and “inches” could be far different from those of someone else. In fact, machining itself would be entirely impossible without the implied understanding of metrology. Attempting to explain any type of size range or the speed of your spindle would be impossible without having a unilateral base of what these measurements mean, as well as being able to communicate these basics to others.

Without the ability to quantify and verify measurements, nothing could be produced in quantity, and modern production facilities could not exist. Technical metrology, also known as industrial metrology or just applied metrology, is concerned with the measurement of processes and how society uses the results of this production. Another part of the basics of metrology, this applied branch also deals with how suitable a measuring instrument is for the calibration of instruments and their quality control standards. Imagine that you are commissioned to machine a series of pieces that will go into a device. To do this properly, you must have and apply a set of measures and they must be consistent across your, your colleagues’ and your customers’ measurements.

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