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Multiplayer Game Development in Rust (MEAP V02)

Posted By: Free butterfly
Multiplayer Game Development in Rust (MEAP V02)

Multiplayer Game Development in Rust (MEAP V02)
150 | 2022 | ISBN: 9781617299049 | English pages | MOBI | 1.01 Mb

Use Rust to create a high performance and easy-to-scale multiplayer game that can handle hundreds of players.

In Multiplayer Game Development in Rust you’ll learn how to

Build a simple game client application from scratch
Use Rust to deliver typical game patterns such as handling input, and creating a game loop
Develop a multiplayer game backend that communicates game state information
Take advantage of Rust’s shared code and dependency management
Integrate server persistence and scalability
Undertake diagnostics via benchmarking and tracing

In Multiplayer Game Development in Rust you’ll learn how to build performance-optimized applications in Rust by developing your own multiplayer game backend. You’ll iterate on your backend in every chapter, adding new features as you go. Discover how Rust can deliver increased performance and memory safety, and take advantage of handy Rust tools and libraries that can help with the heavy lifting.

about the technology
Modern games often use completely different stacks for the frontend and backend. Developers end up needing to write the game logic twice, or they have to build complex solutions for data exchange. Rust is an ideal language for the whole project, delivering high performance on both client and server. It lets you write your game logic in an expressive, modern language without sacrificing the performance you get with a low-level language like C++. With Rust, you’ll find the development process gets easier end-to-end, your code will be cleaner, and your games will run faster without constantly needing the latest hardware.

about the book
Multiplayer Game Development in Rust teaches you to construct your own multiplayer game. You’ll build a simple game client, but the real work happens on the backend. Chapter-by-chapter, you’ll add scalability, persistence, benchmarking, and tracing to support game features like real-time multiplayer scorekeeping, leader boards, and server-to-client messaging. Along the way, you’ll get pro tips about what makes Rust so great for game development, and you’ll work with state-of-the-art technologies that take full advantage of the cloud. Best of all, everything you learn will apply to any application that requires real-time server technology.

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