PHP for Beginners 2021: Part 4 - Create a Hangman Word Game

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PHP for Beginners 2021: Part 4 - Create a Hangman Word Game

PHP for Beginners 2021: Part 4 - Create a Hangman Word Game
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Use HTML, CSS, PHP and the HTML5 canvas to create a simple Hangman game

What you'll learn:
create a hangman word game using HTML, CSS, and PHP
create a HTML form to accept a user input
process user input from a HTML form using PHP
create sessions and use them to store and retrieve values
use the HTML5 canvas to draw shapes
use PHP array functions
retrieve a random word from a text file
use PHP conditional statements
use PHP foreach() loop
use CSS to style a page
use Bootstrap to style a page
create a modal popup using Bootstrap's modal functionality

Although every line of code is explained, some experience of HTML, CSS and PHP would be useful
You will need access to a web browser with an internet connection

This course is intended for those students who would like to complete a simple project. You should be familiar with PHP code, HTML, and CSS. However, each step is fully explained in detail. If you are a proficient PHP coder then this course is probably not right for you! If you are familiar with my other courses then you should really enjoy this one as you will create a full project.

As an experienced teacher, I often find that some courses are just too long and students lose interest. By keeping this course short (around 3 hours of content) and targeted, you should learn some valuable skills quickly and effectively without the need to sit through hours of code. You will follow along as you and I work together to develop scripts. You will learn about my thought processes as we develop the hangman game. You will also see how I avoid many errors that plague beginner coders.

In this course I will show you how to create a simple hangman game using PHP, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and Javascript.

You will learn the basic code structure and then begin to enhance the game by adding HTML5 canvas graphics and some Bootstrap styling.

At the end of the course you will find a series of challenges with full solutions. These are intended to help you advance the game with some new features.

I strongly recommend that you watch the free course preview videos to see if this course will be suitable for your level of ability as it is aimed at beginners. If you like the previews then join today.

I look forward to welcoming you to the course.

Who this course is for
This course is a short fun course intended to provide you with practical experience in developing a simple online word game.
This course is NOT a full web development course.
This course is NOT intended for advanced coders.