Perfecting Your English Pronunciation, 2nd Edition

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Perfecting Your English Pronunciation, 2nd Edition

Perfecting Your English Pronunciation, 2nd Edition by Susan Cameron
English | March 14th, 2018 | ISBN: 1260117022, 9781260117028 | 306 Pages | True PDF | 41.51 MB

Eliminate your accent for complete confidence in spoken English

Accent reduction coach Susan Cameron has developed Perfecting Your English Pronunciation as a complete program to ensure that you minimize your native accent. Her proven method includes:

• a course book that explains exactly how to form the difficult sounds of English and teaches you correct tongue placement. Exercises make this more comfortable and natural for you.
• videos that features actual students executing correct mouth sounds. Through Cameron’s innovative use of hand movements to demonstrate tongue position, you too will be able to find the precise pronunciation.
• audio recordings that feature exercises and correct pronunciation for ear training. The difficult sounds of English consonants and vowels are spoken first in individual words, then phrases, and finally in complete sentences.

The second edition of Perfecting Your English Pronunciation makes all videos and almost 12 hours of audio conveniently available through streaming via mobile app and online. This allows easy access to hundreds of model pronunciations for study and practice.

With this unique and proven program, you’ll learn to speak and present in English with confidence and fluency so that your ideas and talent – and not your accent – are in the spotlight.

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