Gervase Phinn - In A Class Of His Own <In Concert>

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Gervase Phinn - In A Class Of His Own <In Concert>

Gervase Phinn - In A Class Of His Own (2006)
McPhinn Records | ISBN 1860513573 | 2Cds | MP3 96kpbs | 1Hr 47Mins | 79Mb

Record Live On His 2004/5 Concert Tour

01 - Funny Things Children Say
02 - Mrs Greenhalgh And The Free Reader
03 - My Family
04 - The Way Children's Minds Work
05 - Children Of Wensleydale
06 - The English Language
07 - My Name, Gervase Phinn
08 - Visit To Blind School
09 - Miss Reece
10 - Painting Accident
11 - Chancing Your Arm
12 - The Sinking Of The Titanic
13 - Yorkshire Folk
14 - Nativity Play
15 - The Vet's Story
16 - Parables - This Is Your Life
17 - Palestine Blue
18 - The Irish Pig
19 - Father's Advice

About the Speaker
Gervase Phinn taught in a range of schools for fourteen years until, in 1984, he became General Adviser for Language Development in Rotherham. Four years later he was appointed Senior General Inspector for English and Drama with North Yorkshire County Council and was subsequently made Principal Adviser for the county. He is now a freelance lecturer and adviser, and Visiting Professor of Education at the University of Teesside.
He has lectured widely in this country and has published many articles on the use of English in education. He has published collections of his own plays and stories and has contributed to several anthologies; his own anthology of poems, Classroom Creatures, has also been published.
Gervase Phinn is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. He is widely sought after as a speaker and recently was an immediate star on Esther Rantzen's television show, Esther, appearing a second time due to public demand. He is married with four children and lives in a village just outside Doncaster.

Gervase Phinn - In A Class Of His Own <In Concert>

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Gervase Phinn - In A Class Of His Own <In Concert>



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